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Flight Of Fancy

Flight Of Fancy

Age: 7yo b/br Mare

Breeding: Bletchley Park x Stormvielle (Stormy's Son)

Overall: 28:3-2-1 ($1,359 per start)

Trainer: Kieran McDonagh     Stats: 53: 2-1-7

Owners: Miss J R Taylor, Mrs D N Pratt, G B Pratt, Mrs K Ward, A Ottoway, Mrs A Y Ottoway, D B Nott, Mrs V L Nott

Winning distances: 1x1675 1x1700 1x2000

Last 10:0356x08650Fast:0:0-0-0Heavy0:0-0-0
Win %:11%Dead:0:0-0-01st Up7:0-1-0
Place %:21%Slow:0:0-0-02nd Up:7:1-0-1
DateStart TimeRacecourseNo.RaceJockeyTrainerClassDistanceWeightBar.
No Acceptances
Form History
Date Racecourse Condition Post. Mar. Race Class Dist. Jockey Wght. Bar Winner/Runner Up Time
07/01/2017PinjarraGood5-142.5L2yo+ (Rs1mw)Rs1MW2000F Bell53.5kg3Hay Magic / Macavity2:04.24
 Last 600m: 0:37.66 Settled: 9th 800m: 10th 400m: 11th Fin: 5thComments: Ran wide near 600m. Struck interference on straightening.
18/12/2016BunburyGood3-111.6L3yo+ Hcp (C3)Cls 31690F Bell54kg11Northpace / Vonconi1:44.51
   Settled: 10th 800m: 10th 400m: 9th Fin: 3rdComments: Ran wide near 800m.
20/11/2016BunburyGood10-124.0L3yo+ Hcp (C3)Cls 31420C Johnston-Porter56.5kg4Russian River / Not Again Ken1:27.34
 Last 600m: 0:36.52 Settled: 7th 800m: 7th 400m: 8th Fin: 10th
21/10/2016BunburyGood4-52.3LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000F Bell0kg4Slap 'N' Tickle / Lothello1:01.30
Freshened - 32 days
19/09/2016Lark HillSoft7-77.5LBarrier TrlBtria|Open950T Ikenushi0kg7Pinzu / Niccatrice0:57.85
Spell - 158 days
14/04/2016BunburySoft5-111.5L3yo+ Hcp (C3)Cls 32038F Bell54.5kg7Lady Trader / Hay Magic2:11.13
   Settled: 2nd 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 5th
30/03/2016BunburyGood2-110.2L3yo+ Hcp (C3)Cls 32038F Bell53kg7Preselection / Flight Of Fancy2:12.17
 Last 600m: 0:35.64 Settled: 3rd 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 2ndComments: Blocked for run near 200m. Shifted out near 100m. Protested against, dismissed.
06/03/2016BunburyGood6-132.0L3yo+ Hcp (C3)Cls 32019F Bell54kg3Mudlode / Big Setup2:06.57
   Settled: 1st 800m: 3rd 400m: 5th Fin: 6th
05/02/2016BunburyGood4-121.3L3yo+ Hcp (C5)Cls 51690F Bell52.5kg2Stormy Grace / Fo' Shizzle1:43.47
   Settled: 1st 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 4th
26/01/2016BunburyGood1-140.8L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST641675C Johnston-Porter55kg10Flight Of Fancy / Yes You Can1:43.17
 Last 600m: 0:36.48 Settled: 3rd 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 1st
Freshened - 55 days
02/12/2015BunburyGood2-90.2L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST641705F Bell52.5kg3Helms Gate / Flight Of Fancy1:46.95
 Last 600m: 0:35.67 Settled: 3rd 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 2ndComments: Blocked for run on straightening.
24/11/2015BunburyGood4-43.0LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000T Ikenushi0kg4Distant Memory / Uncle George1:00.94
Freshened - 46 days
09/10/2015BunburyGood4-63.3LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000F Bell0kg4Heez Our Wally / Niccatrice1:02.92
Spell - 165 days
27/04/2015PinjarraGood9-107.8L3yo+ Hcp (68)RST682000R Forrest53kg9Savanarola / Carney2:04.38
   Settled: 10th 800m: 9th 400m: 10th Fin: 9th
29/03/2015PinjarraGood9-910.8L3yo+ (Bm60+)Open|BM60+1400K Yuill54kg5King Of Wu / Prohurst Express1:23.89
   Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 8th Fin: 9thComments: Slowly away.
Spell - 155 days
25/10/2014CollieGood5-812.5L3yo+ (Bm62+)Open|BM62+2000L Camilleri56kg2Rubykon Lass / Justine Louise2:07.15
Freshened - 34 days
21/09/2014NorthamDead9-1010.0L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST641600T Turner57.5kg1The Trout / Valmont1:36.60
 Last 600m: 0:36.70 Settled: 6th 800m: 7th 400m: 10th Fin: 9th
04/09/2014PinjarraGood11-124.8L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST641400T Turner57.5kg2Regimental Pride / My Lady Megan1:25.67
 Last 600m: 0:36.62 Settled: 7th 800m: 10th 400m: 6th Fin: 11th
25/08/2014Lark HillGood6-83.5LBarrier TrlBtria|Open930T Turner0kg6Elsie's Rhapsody / Fast Spring0:56.59
Spell - 151 days
28/03/2014NarroginGood4-111.3L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST641700T Turner57kg9Who's To Blame / Dapper Draper1:47.53
 Last 600m: 0:36.63 Settled: 10th 800m: 8th 400m: 8th Fin: 4thComments: Ran wide during race.
15/03/2014AscotGood13-1611.5LNatasha StakesOpen2200T Turner54kg6Balmont Girl / Red Amber2:17.63
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $26.00Last 600m: 0:35.89 Settled: 6th 800m: 3rd 400m: 8th Fin: 13thComments: Ran wide during race. Blocked for run in straight.
09/03/2014BunburyGood1-131.0L3yo+ Hcp (64)RST642000T Turner55.5kg4Flight Of Fancy / Gallipoli Prince2:05.96
 Last 600m: 0:37.79 Settled: 7th 800m: 8th 400m: 7th Fin: 1st
21/02/2014NarroginGood1-122.0L3yo+ MdnMdn1700T Turner55.5kg9Flight Of Fancy / Nation Of Honour1:47.48
   Settled: 6th 800m: 7th 400m: 5th Fin: 1st
29/01/2014AscotGood11-126.4L3yo Rst1Rs1MW1600B Paterson53.5kg9Kai's Diamond / Eternal Secret1:37.85
Opening: $51.00   Starting: $51.00Last 600m: 0:35.60 Settled: 12th 800m: 12th 400m: 12th Fin: 11th
16/01/2014BunburyGood9-155.5L3yo MdnMdn1410P Knuckey56kg15The Loveshack / Kim Mini1:25.73
 Last 600m: 0:37.77 Settled: 13th 800m: 12th 400m: 11th Fin: 9thComments: Laid in in straight.
30/12/2013Lark HillGood3-120.2LBarrier TrlBtria|Mdn950P Knuckey0kg3Bachelors Prospect / Angela's Secret0:56.15
Spell - 173 days
10/07/2013Belmont ParkDead4-103.5L2yo Rst0Rs0MW1650B Paterson53.5kg1Vital Edition / Newton Prince1:41.81
Opening: $31.00   Starting: $51.00Last 600m: 0:37.20 Settled: 2nd 800m: 3rd 400m: 2nd Fin: 4th
01/07/2013Lark HillGood6-114.3LBarrier TrlBtria|Open950J Noske0kg6Truie / Born Regal0:57.93
19/06/2013Belmont ParkGood13-137.7L2yo Rst0Rs0MW1000L Camilleri54.5kg13Airglow / Jest Envy Her0:58.62
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $31.00Last 600m: 0:34.64 Settled: 12th 400m: 12th
04/06/2013Lark HillGood3-110.3LBarrier TrlBtria|Open950P Knuckey0kg3Mental Note / Pearl Jam0:56.47

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