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Redeem Bounty

Redeem Bounty

Age: 7yo br Gelding

Breeding: Written Tycoon x Chapent (Peintre Celebre)

Overall: 41:8-7-5 ($5,445 per start)

Trainer: Richard Jolly     Stats: 290: 41-33-42

Owners: A M Hehir, G S Gifford, Questa Volta (Mgr: M E Shephard) & Marloc Racing (Mgr: D J March)

Winning distances: 1x1350 7x1400

Last 10:262815x430Fast:0:0-0-0Heavy3:0-2-0
Win %:20%Dead:0:0-0-01st Up7:0-1-0
Place %:49%Slow:0:0-0-02nd Up:6:0-0-2
DateStart TimeRacecourseNo.RaceJockeyTrainerClassDistanceWeightBar.
No Acceptances
Form History
Date Racecourse Condition Post. Mar. Race Class Dist. Jockey Wght. Bar Winner/Runner Up Time
27/05/2017Morphettville ParksGood4-52.6LOpen HcpOpen1250J Toeroek54kg5Counter Pulse / Usain Dane1:15.98
Opening: $16.00   Starting: $26.00Last 602m: 0:34.13 Settled: 3rd 1200m: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 4th
Spell - 176 days
03/12/2016Morphettville ParksFirm5-91.4L(Bm90)BM901400J Toeroek55.5kg8C'est Beau La Vie / It And A Bit1:23.83
Opening: $5.00   Starting: $6.50Last 600m: 0:34.45 Settled: 2nd 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 5thComments: Lost a plate.
19/11/2016Morphettville ParksGood1-51.0L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Pepper The Pin1:24.79
Opening: $5.50   Starting: $5.00Last 609m: 0:35.82 Settled: 3rd 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
23/10/2016GawlerGood8-144.4LGawler CupOpen1500J Toeroek54kg4King's Pardon / Royal Rumble1:29.88
Opening: $12.00   Starting: $12.00Last 600m: 0:35.90 Settled: 7th 800m: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 8thComments: Hampered near 100m.
03/10/2016StrathalbynHeavy2-62.0L(Bm80)BM801350J Toeroek58kg6Important / Redeem Bounty1:30.81
Opening: $2.50   Starting: $2.60  Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
10/09/2016MorphettvilleSoft6-103.1L(Bm90)BM901600M Poon51kg4Distant Rock / Flow Meter1:42.99
Opening: $4.80   Starting: $3.50Last 602m: 0:36.58 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 6thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
03/09/2016Morphettville ParksSoft2-82.3L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek57kg2Sandhill Warrior / Redeem Bounty1:26.04
Opening: $3.80   Starting: $7.50Last 604m: 0:36.44 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
20/08/2016Morphettville ParksHeavy6-137.1L(Bm75)BM751300M Poon58.5kg9Giddyup / Karlovasi1:21.40
Opening: $21.00   Starting: $31.00Last 600m: 0:38.45 Settled: 8th 800m: 9th 400m: 10th Fin: 6th
13/08/2016Morphettville ParksSoft4-74.1L(Bm82)BM821300M Poon55.5kg4Outlandish Lad / Mihany1:20.09
Opening: $5.00   Starting: $4.60Last 600m: 0:36.40 Settled: 5th 800m: 5th 400m: 5th Fin: 4th
30/07/2016MorphettvilleSoft8-124.1L(Bm82)BM821200M Poon56kg6Rugged Angel / Counter Spin1:13.04
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $41.00Last 600m: 0:36.40 Settled: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 8th
25/07/2016Morphettville ParksSoft9-915.2LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000J Huxtable0kg9Viddora / Written Birch1:03.72
Spell - 136 days
12/03/2016Morphettville ParksGood3-92.3L(Bm82)BM821400C Jones57kg6Ferrari Star / Flow Meter1:24.97
Opening: $4.80   Starting: $4.80Last 608m: 0:36.26 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 6th Fin: 3rd
27/02/2016Morphettville ParksGood1-70.8L(Bm90)BM901400J Toeroek54kg6Redeem Bounty / Excites Zelady1:24.03
Opening: $4.60   Starting: $5.50Last 608m: 0:34.87 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
13/02/2016Morphettville ParksGood2-80.8L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg8Debeersonus / Redeem Bounty1:24.20
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $9.00Last 604m: 0:35.66 Settled: 2nd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
30/01/2016MorphettvilleSoft6-95.6L(Bm82)BM821530J Toeroek57kg4It And A Bit / Brinkley Bliss1:32.62
Opening: $17.00   Starting: $31.00Last 611m: 0:37.00 Settled: 6th 800m: 7th 400m: 5th Fin: 6th
16/01/2016MorphettvilleGood5-83.0L(Bm75)BM751200C Jones58.5kg4Alcobro / Streetcar Valour1:10.74
Opening: $17.00   Starting: $13.00Last 608m: 0:35.00 Settled: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 5th
Spell - 182 days
18/07/2015Morphettville ParksSoft9-146.3L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg13Tankster / Marco Polo1:24.93
Opening: $12.00   Starting: $15.00Last 603m: 0:36.03 Settled: 7th 800m: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 9th
04/07/2015Morphettville ParksGood6-71.6LOpen HcpOpen1400J Toeroek53kg4Little Akie / Justify That1:24.58
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $3.50Last 602m: 0:34.42 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 6thComments: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
20/06/2015Morphettville ParksSoft1-82.5L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek54.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Little Akie1:24.39
Opening: $4.20   Starting: $4.80Last 600m: 0:35.23 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 2nd Fin: 1st
08/06/2015Murray BridgeGood8-104.2L(Bm80)BM801406J Toeroek57.5kg7It And A Bit / Little Akie1:24.97
Opening: $3.00   Starting: $3.80Last 600m: 0:35.93 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 8th
23/05/2015Morphettville ParksGood1-72.0L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek53kg5Redeem Bounty / It And A Bit1:24.62
Opening: $3.60   Starting: $4.20Last 606m: 0:35.02 Settled: 2nd 400m: 4th Fin: 1st
09/05/2015MorphettvilleSoft5-91.1LHcp (78)RST781200J Toeroek57kg4Secretmensbusiness / Ship's Captain1:10.71
Opening: $8.00   Starting: $8.00Last 605m: 0:35.22 Settled: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 5thComments: Inconvenienced at start.
25/04/2015Morphettville ParksSoft5-102.7LHcp (86)RST861250J Toeroek53.5kg9Del Prado / Con's Gold1:14.77
Opening: $16.00   Starting: $26.00Last 604m: 0:34.99 Settled: 10th 800m: 10th 400m: 10th Fin: 5th
11/04/2015MorphettvilleGood11-137.4L(Bm82)BM821200K Cross53kg1Swinging Arms / Light It Up1:10.24
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $26.00Last 604m: 0:35.15 Settled: 4th 400m: 5th Fin: 11thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Spell - 189 days
04/10/2014Morphettville ParksGood4-94.0L(Bm72)BM721400K Cross58.5kg4Moonlight Forest / Come Follow Me1:24.52
Opening: $1.75   Starting: $1.60Last 612m: 0:36.55 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 4thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
17/09/2014Morphettville ParksGood1-123.5L(Bm72)BM721400K Cross56.5kg7Redeem Bounty / Unspun1:24.67
Opening: $2.60   Starting: $1.90Last 606m: 0:36.24 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 1st Fin: 1st
06/09/2014Morphettville ParksDead2-90.2L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek52.5kg4Goldbya / Redeem Bounty1:26.62
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $2.90Last 605m: 0:36.61 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 5th Fin: 2nd
23/08/2014Morphettville ParksGood3-120.8LHcp (78)RST781400S Price57.5kg11Sandhill Warrior / Nimasael1:25.26
Opening: $6.50   Starting: $6.50Last 602m: 0:36.36 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 8th Fin: 3rdComments: Hampered near 600m.
09/08/2014MorphettvilleSlow4-74.2L(Bm82)BM821600S Price56kg1Pit Boss / Ustinov's Fury1:41.18
Opening: $4.00   Starting: $4.80Last 600m: 0:37.32 Settled: 1st 1200m: 2nd 800m: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 4th
02/08/2014Morphettville ParksSlow1-82.5LHcp (78)RST781400S Price56kg5Redeem Bounty / Mermaid Run1:26.94
Opening: $5.50   Starting: $6.00Last 600m: 0:37.30 Settled: 4th 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
12/07/2014Morphettville ParksSlow2-81.5L3yo HcpOpen1400S Price57.5kg3Our Exchange / Redeem Bounty1:28.10
Opening: $16.00   Starting: $20.00Last 608m: 0:37.94 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 1st Fin: 2nd
21/06/2014Morphettville ParksSlow10-129.0L3yo (Bm72)BM721400S Westover57kg7Baligari / Silver Sebring1:27.61
Opening: $13.00   Starting: $13.00Last 608m: 0:37.09 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 11th Fin: 10thComments: Jumped awkwardly. Vetted - no abnormalities.
31/05/2014MorphettvilleSlow6-157.8L3yo (Bm72)BM721200S Westover57.5kg8Tildy Lad / Ilgattino1:11.45
Opening: $14.00   Starting: $21.00Last 608m: 0:35.82 Settled: 7th 400m: 6th Fin: 6th
12/05/2014MorphettvilleSlow6-82.1LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000S Price0kg6Pistolier / Pit Boss1:00.83
Spell - 171 days
23/11/2013MorphettvilleGood2-81.5L3yo (Bm72)BM721533S Westover57.5kg3Tenere / Redeem Bounty1:32.89
Opening: $5.00   Starting: $8.00Last 612m: 0:35.35 Settled: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
09/11/2013Morphettville ParksGood3-60.3L3yo (Bm72)BM721400J Toeroek56.5kg1Excites Zelady / Murtle Turtle1:24.54
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $3.60Last 600m: 0:34.66 Settled: 2nd 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 3rd
26/10/2013Morphettville ParksGood1-80.2L3yo (Bm72)BM721400S Price56.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Dash Forward1:25.74
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 612m: 0:34.54 Settled: 1st 400m: 1st Fin: 1st
07/10/2013StrathalbynDead1-103.5L3yo+ MdnMdn1350S Price56kg5Redeem Bounty / Star Recruit1:23.54
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 600m: 0:37.24  
18/09/2013Morphettville ParksDead3-128.5L3yo+ MdnMdn1250P Gatt56kg8Back On Target / Dashing Pedrille1:16.04
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $4.40Last 600m: 0:36.09 Settled: 10th 400m: 9th
21/08/2013GawlerHeavy2-81.3L3yo E&G MdnMdn1111P Gatt57.5kg6Geordie's Second / Redeem Bounty1:10.52
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 600m: 0:36.84 Settled: 6th 800m: 6th 400m: 3rd Comments: Laid in in straight.
Spell - 119 days
24/04/2013Murray BridgeDead5-512.1L2yo MdnMdn1006J Toeroek55.5kg4Tennessee / Magnum Pe I1:00.69
Opening: $2.80   Starting: $2.60Last 600m: 0:35.79 Settled: 5th 800m: 5th 400m: 5th Comments: Slowly away. Vetted - no abnormalities.
08/04/2013Morphettville ParksGood2-80.3LBarrier TrkBtria|Open1000J Toeroek0kg2Ziggler / Redeem Bounty1:01.64
Spell - 162 days
29/10/2012Murray BridgeGood6-60.0LBarrier TrlBtria|Open900C Lever0kg6Thiamandi / Miss Wynette0:51.87

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