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Redeem Bounty

Redeem Bounty

Age: 6yo br Gelding

Breeding: Written Tycoon x Chapent (Peintre Celebre)

Overall: 37:8-7-4 ($5,847 per start)

Trainer: Richard Jolly     Stats: 306: 48-39-28

Owners: A M Hehir, G S Gifford, Questa Volta (Mgr: M E Shephard) & Marloc Racing (Mgr: D J March)

Winning distances: 1x1350 7x1400

Last 10:3x84626281Fast:0:0-0-0Heavy3:0-2-0
Win %:22%Dead:0:0-0-01st Up6:0-1-0
Place %:51%Slow:0:0-0-02nd Up:5:0-0-1
DateStart TimeRacecourseNo.RaceJockeyTrainerClassDistanceWeightBar.
No Acceptances
Has been in the money more than once at this track and distance. Wouldn't surprise if did something special.
Form History
Date Racecourse Condition Post. Mar. Race Class Dist. Jockey Wght. Bar Winner/Runner Up Time
19/11/2016Morphettville ParksGood1-51.0L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Pepper The Pin1:24.79
Opening: $5.50   Starting: $5.00Last 609m: 0:35.82 Settled: 3rd 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
23/10/2016GawlerGood8-144.4LGawler CupOpen1500J Toeroek54kg4King's Pardon / Royal Rumble1:29.88
Opening: $12.00   Starting: $12.00Last 600m: 0:35.90 Settled: 7th 800m: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 8thComments: Hampered near 100m.
03/10/2016StrathalbynHeavy2-62.0L(Bm80)BM801350J Toeroek58kg6Important / Redeem Bounty1:30.81
Opening: $2.50   Starting: $2.60  Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
10/09/2016MorphettvilleSoft6-103.1L(Bm90)BM901600M Poon51kg4Distant Rock / Flow Meter1:42.99
Opening: $4.80   Starting: $3.50Last 602m: 0:36.58 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 6thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
03/09/2016Morphettville ParksSoft2-82.3L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek57kg2Sandhill Warrior / Redeem Bounty1:26.04
Opening: $3.80   Starting: $7.50Last 604m: 0:36.44 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
20/08/2016Morphettville ParksHeavy6-137.1L(Bm75)BM751300M Poon58.5kg9Giddyup / Karlovasi1:21.40
Opening: $21.00   Starting: $31.00Last 600m: 0:38.45 Settled: 8th 800m: 9th 400m: 10th Fin: 6th
13/08/2016Morphettville ParksSoft4-74.1L(Bm82)BM821300M Poon55.5kg4Outlandish Lad / Mihany1:20.09
Opening: $5.00   Starting: $4.60Last 600m: 0:36.40 Settled: 5th 800m: 5th 400m: 5th Fin: 4th
30/07/2016MorphettvilleSoft8-124.1L(Bm82)BM821200M Poon56kg6Rugged Angel / Counter Spin1:13.04
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $41.00Last 600m: 0:36.40 Settled: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 8th
25/07/2016Morphettville ParksSoft9-915.2LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000J Huxtable0kg9Viddora / Written Birch1:03.72
Spell - 136 days
12/03/2016Morphettville ParksGood3-92.3L(Bm82)BM821400C Jones57kg6Ferrari Star / Flow Meter1:24.97
Opening: $4.80   Starting: $4.80Last 608m: 0:36.26 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 6th Fin: 3rd
27/02/2016Morphettville ParksGood1-70.8L(Bm90)BM901400J Toeroek54kg6Redeem Bounty / Excites Zelady1:24.03
Opening: $4.60   Starting: $5.50Last 608m: 0:34.87 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
13/02/2016Morphettville ParksGood2-80.8L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg8Debeersonus / Redeem Bounty1:24.20
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $9.00Last 604m: 0:35.66 Settled: 2nd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
30/01/2016MorphettvilleSoft6-95.6L(Bm82)BM821530J Toeroek57kg4It And A Bit / Brinkley Bliss1:32.62
Opening: $17.00   Starting: $31.00Last 611m: 0:37.00 Settled: 6th 800m: 7th 400m: 5th Fin: 6th
16/01/2016MorphettvilleGood5-83.0L(Bm75)BM751200C Jones58.5kg4Alcobro / Streetcar Valour1:10.74
Opening: $17.00   Starting: $13.00Last 608m: 0:35.00 Settled: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 5th
Spell - 182 days
18/07/2015Morphettville ParksSoft9-146.3L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek56.5kg13Tankster / Marco Polo1:24.93
Opening: $12.00   Starting: $15.00Last 603m: 0:36.03 Settled: 7th 800m: 7th 400m: 7th Fin: 9th
04/07/2015Morphettville ParksGood6-71.6LOpen HcpOpen1400J Toeroek53kg4Little Akie / Justify That1:24.58
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $3.50Last 602m: 0:34.42 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 6thComments: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
20/06/2015Morphettville ParksSoft1-82.5L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek54.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Little Akie1:24.39
Opening: $4.20   Starting: $4.80Last 600m: 0:35.23 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 2nd Fin: 1st
08/06/2015Murray BridgeGood8-104.2L(Bm80)BM801406J Toeroek57.5kg7It And A Bit / Little Akie1:24.97
Opening: $3.00   Starting: $3.80Last 600m: 0:35.93 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 3rd Fin: 8th
23/05/2015Morphettville ParksGood1-72.0L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek53kg5Redeem Bounty / It And A Bit1:24.62
Opening: $3.60   Starting: $4.20Last 606m: 0:35.02 Settled: 2nd 400m: 4th Fin: 1st
09/05/2015MorphettvilleSoft5-91.1LHcp (78)RST781200J Toeroek57kg4Secretmensbusiness / Ship's Captain1:10.71
Opening: $8.00   Starting: $8.00Last 605m: 0:35.22 Settled: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 5thComments: Inconvenienced at start.
25/04/2015Morphettville ParksSoft5-102.7LHcp (86)RST861250J Toeroek53.5kg9Del Prado / Con's Gold1:14.77
Opening: $16.00   Starting: $26.00Last 604m: 0:34.99 Settled: 10th 800m: 10th 400m: 10th Fin: 5th
11/04/2015MorphettvilleGood11-137.4L(Bm82)BM821200K Cross53kg1Swinging Arms / Light It Up1:10.24
Opening: $26.00   Starting: $26.00Last 604m: 0:35.15 Settled: 4th 400m: 5th Fin: 11thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Spell - 189 days
04/10/2014Morphettville ParksGood4-94.0L(Bm72)BM721400K Cross58.5kg4Moonlight Forest / Come Follow Me1:24.52
Opening: $1.75   Starting: $1.60Last 612m: 0:36.55 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 4th Fin: 4thComments: Vetted - no abnormalities.
17/09/2014Morphettville ParksGood1-123.5L(Bm72)BM721400K Cross56.5kg7Redeem Bounty / Unspun1:24.67
Opening: $2.60   Starting: $1.90Last 606m: 0:36.24 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 1st Fin: 1st
06/09/2014Morphettville ParksDead2-90.2L(Bm82)BM821400J Toeroek52.5kg4Goldbya / Redeem Bounty1:26.62
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $2.90Last 605m: 0:36.61 Settled: 3rd 800m: 3rd 400m: 5th Fin: 2nd
23/08/2014Morphettville ParksGood3-120.8LHcp (78)RST781400S Price57.5kg11Sandhill Warrior / Nimasael1:25.26
Opening: $6.50   Starting: $6.50Last 602m: 0:36.36 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 8th Fin: 3rdComments: Hampered near 600m.
09/08/2014MorphettvilleSlow4-74.2L(Bm82)BM821600S Price56kg1Pit Boss / Ustinov's Fury1:41.18
Opening: $4.00   Starting: $4.80Last 600m: 0:37.32 Settled: 1st 1200m: 2nd 800m: 3rd 400m: 4th Fin: 4th
02/08/2014Morphettville ParksSlow1-82.5LHcp (78)RST781400S Price56kg5Redeem Bounty / Mermaid Run1:26.94
Opening: $5.50   Starting: $6.00Last 600m: 0:37.30 Settled: 4th 800m: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 1st
12/07/2014Morphettville ParksSlow2-81.5L3yo HcpOpen1400S Price57.5kg3Our Exchange / Redeem Bounty1:28.10
Opening: $16.00   Starting: $20.00Last 608m: 0:37.94 Settled: 4th 800m: 4th 400m: 1st Fin: 2nd
21/06/2014Morphettville ParksSlow10-129.0L3yo (Bm72)BM721400S Westover57kg7Baligari / Silver Sebring1:27.61
Opening: $13.00   Starting: $13.00Last 608m: 0:37.09 Settled: 8th 800m: 8th 400m: 11th Fin: 10thComments: Jumped awkwardly. Vetted - no abnormalities.
31/05/2014MorphettvilleSlow6-157.8L3yo (Bm72)BM721200S Westover57.5kg8Tildy Lad / Ilgattino1:11.45
Opening: $14.00   Starting: $21.00Last 608m: 0:35.82 Settled: 7th 400m: 6th Fin: 6th
12/05/2014MorphettvilleSlow6-82.1LBarrier TrlBtria|Open1000S Price0kg6Pistolier / Pit Boss1:00.83
Spell - 171 days
23/11/2013MorphettvilleGood2-81.5L3yo (Bm72)BM721533S Westover57.5kg3Tenere / Redeem Bounty1:32.89
Opening: $5.00   Starting: $8.00Last 612m: 0:35.35 Settled: 3rd 400m: 3rd Fin: 2nd
09/11/2013Morphettville ParksGood3-60.3L3yo (Bm72)BM721400J Toeroek56.5kg1Excites Zelady / Murtle Turtle1:24.54
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $3.60Last 600m: 0:34.66 Settled: 2nd 800m: 2nd 400m: 2nd Fin: 3rd
26/10/2013Morphettville ParksGood1-80.2L3yo (Bm72)BM721400S Price56.5kg4Redeem Bounty / Dash Forward1:25.74
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 612m: 0:34.54 Settled: 1st 400m: 1st Fin: 1st
07/10/2013StrathalbynDead1-103.5L3yo+ MdnMdn1350S Price56kg5Redeem Bounty / Star Recruit1:23.54
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 600m: 0:37.24  
18/09/2013Morphettville ParksDead3-128.5L3yo+ MdnMdn1250P Gatt56kg8Back On Target / Dashing Pedrille1:16.04
Opening: $3.20   Starting: $4.40Last 600m: 0:36.09 Settled: 10th 400m: 9th
21/08/2013GawlerHeavy2-81.3L3yo E&G MdnMdn1111P Gatt57.5kg6Geordie's Second / Redeem Bounty1:10.52
Opening: $6.00   Starting: $8.00Last 600m: 0:36.84 Settled: 6th 800m: 6th 400m: 3rd Comments: Laid in in straight.
Spell - 119 days
24/04/2013Murray BridgeDead5-512.1L2yo MdnMdn1006J Toeroek55.5kg4Tennessee / Magnum Pe I1:00.69
Opening: $2.80   Starting: $2.60Last 600m: 0:35.79 Settled: 5th 800m: 5th 400m: 5th Comments: Slowly away. Vetted - no abnormalities.
08/04/2013Morphettville ParksGood2-80.3LBarrier TrkBtria|Open1000J Toeroek0kg2Ziggler / Redeem Bounty1:01.64
Spell - 162 days
29/10/2012Murray BridgeGood6-60.0LBarrier TrlBtria|Open900C Lever0kg6Thiamandi / Miss Wynette0:51.87

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