A while back I developed a staking plan on Excel that covers all combinations of any 5 runners ALL UP over 25 races. Originally designed for place betting but I think it could go well here for WIN betting given the high strike rate you guys return.

There are 53,130 combinations of any 5 runners but we can set the RISK outlay way down to whatever we want. The RISK outlay being the maximum you could lose on a series.

For example, if we set the RISK outlay to $500 our first bet would be $100.00, if that lost the next would be $83.33 etc. Naturally it would increase with a winner.

So, here's the plan for a trial run and it would be good to see everyone have a shot...a real team effort. NO MORE than 3 runners per day for the forum and only ONE per member per day. So the first 3 selections posted are it for the day.

Getting WINNERS and plenty of them is the name of the game, the more we get the more we make (who woulda thunk that eh).

They can be any old price so long as you are confident they can win.

So, lets give it a shot and if we show we can not only make a profit but beat level stakes as well.

First outlay is $100....who gunna be the man?