Developed a new system its still fresh

Basically its set around opening price of $3 to $4 market

which can find lots of winning runners

so here be todays runners

BLLA R1 5-Katie's Princess
BLLA R2 2-Happy Clown
BLLA R3 9-Iamhere
BLLA R3 2-Danz The Man
WAGG R3 12-Prime Of Drysdale
BLLA R4 6-Central Station
BLLA R4 7-I Am Bacchus
BLLA R5 5-Flying Ferret
WAGG R5 2-Escarpment
WAGG R6 6-Law Of The Land
WAGG R6 8-Pointing To Gold
BLLA R7 2-Master Shaft
BLLA R7 3-Mattan Thomas Sadler
WAGG R7 3-Art Thou Ready J Kissick
BLLA R8 2-Hollywood Gothic