Dutch betting, also known as Dutching, is the practice of backing more than one selection to achieve the same profit regardless of which selection wins.

You can google Dutch Betting for more info. Also available for free are Dutch Calculators to help you determine your profits in seconds.

I will run a example on the Group 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

The top 4 in the market
#2 It's A Dundeel $3.70
#5 Carlton House $5.50
#10 Silent Achiever $4.40
#11 Royal Descent $7.50

Dutching the 4 for $100 will give you a yield of about 22% profit on any one winning.

It's A Dundeel bet 33 units for a 22 unit profit
Carlton House bet 22 units for a 21 unit profit
Silent Achiever bet 28 units for a 23 unit profit
Royal Descent bet 17 units for 27 unit profit

If you wanted to back less & say drop off Royal Descent your overall profit will increase to about 45%.

Another scenario
#2 It's A Dundeel $3.70
#10 Silent Achiever $4.40
#1 Boban $13
#3 Sacred Falls $11
#6 Hawkspur $11

With ditching these 5 selections for $100 you would earn around 31% profit.

The dutch calculator I like to use is the Arb Cruncher.


During these big carnivals you will find plenty of value. It's not for everyone but if you have the self discipline you can make a steady profit from betting this way.