1. BARATHEON - From Belmont Trials 25th November: Jumped basic, but after 150m decided to whip up around the field and go to a slight lead over Secret Endemic, beaten off easily enough upon straightening but fought on well to be only beaten 2.5L. From the Belmont trials 31st March: Travelled 4 wide most of the trip, ridden pretty quietly hands & heels in the straight, btn 4.25L by Transgressor but wasn't a bad trial as such. Like to see again.

2. BONNY GEORGE - From the Belmont trials 31st March: Could make no impression in this, btn 9.5L by Just Jaffa & Baraki Beats. Just Jaffa has raced 3 times and has never run better than 5th against basic horses.

3. FATHING FAST - From the Belmont trials 1st Oct '13: Jumped 3rd, restrained to 5th early, well back on turn but made a run under own steam, shaken up 400m, eased down. Debuted poorly 11 days later. Hasn't raced nor trialled since.

4. HADANI LAD - From the Lark Hill trials 24th March: Had nothing in the straight to be btn 13L by Furious Dame over 950m. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Showed a dazzling turn of foot after 100m to put 5L on the rest of the field, still 3L in front as they turned, Ignite The Sky got within a length at the 250m but Knuckey started to shake it up and it booted away again to win easily by 2.25L in very quick time. This was a display of speed from the outset. Very impressive!

5. HISTORICAL - From the Belmont trials 17th March: Couldn't keep up with Transgressor & Naturaliste but this was a super fast trial as 400m trials go. Btn 4L running 5th but it wasn't a 'bad' trial. From the Belmont trials 31st March: Sat 3rd & a bit wide as they turned, niggled along and seemed to be doing its best upon straightening but couldn't make ground on Transgressor who was being ridden quietly up front, shown the persuader over the final 150m and made ground to get within 1L of T but it was just idling to the line. Wore blinkers.

6. IGNITE THE SKY - From the Lark Hill trials 24th March: Was 4L off the leaders on the fence as they straightened but had nothing in the straight btn 14L by Let Me Impress. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Sat 2nd the fence 4L off Hadani Lad approaching the turn, got within 2L on turning, given full bore and got within 1L at the 250m but then Hadani Lad found another gear & booted away for this one to run 3rd btn 2L.

7. INCARCERATION - From the Lark Hill trials 24th March: Slowly away, very green the first 50m, not overly ridden for most of the trial but was given a few reminders the last 100m. Btn 3.75L by Lady Cairnhill & Hand Cannon in very slow time. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Sat back 5th the rails behind the 3 leaders until straightening, took the run between two of the leaders as they split open at the 200m, given a crack at the 150m as it was taking its time to get through, did respond well to this and accelerated through quickly, but not as quickly as Nightmare Moon who sailed down the centre of the track effortlessly to win by 1.25L from Incarceration. Good trial nonetheless. Wore blinkers.

8. JACK TO A KING - From Belmont Trials 25th November: Sat 3rd last & wide until the turn, came 7 wide on turning appearing to come into the race, but didn't have a lot to give. Grey horse. Poor trial. From the Lark Hill Trials 16th December: Wasn't the best away from the inside barrier but mustered speed to be up with the leading bunch after 100m, approaching the turn had gone through to be leading Star God by halfa length with 2L back to 3rd, started to boot away but then baulked at something and mis-strode for a stride, got back into its rhythm quickly and went to the line to win easily by 1.5L from Let's Go Lakers having not been asked for an effort in the straight. Nice trial but slow time. From the Belmont trials 6th January: Grey horse. Slow to jump from barrier 4 in 7 horse trial, took a run between horses to go after the leader at the 200m mark but started to hang slightly & fight the rider somewhat. Looks to have ability but needs to improve his racing manners. Beaten by what looked like a ready to run horse in the shape of Palace Intruder. Ran 2nd btn 3L over 400m in what was a very quick trial. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Grey horse. Led narrowly the fence until straightening, put up 2L on straightening, only ever niggled along but Miss Kitwe levelled up at the 100m and drew away. Btn 1.5L in what was a good trial in quick time.

9. NIDGE - From the Belmont trials 31st March: Led by just over 1L as they approached the turn, same margin as they straightened, pushed along hands & heels, led by 2L at the 200m, still led by near 2L at the 100m, ridden quietly hands & heels last 100m but won by 1.75L from Balmont Charge. Wore blinkers. Wants a midweek race. Its debut run on the 5th April was poor.

10. UPSIDEDOWN BOB - From Belmont Trials 25th November: Wore blinkers. Jumped well, was up with the leaders for the first 200m but couldn't keep up after that and gradually went backwards from that point. Poor trial. From the Belmont trials 17th March: Was asked to go in this 400m trial but had nothing btn 5.75L by Tina's Liberty. From the Belmont trials 31st March: Was 5L off Transgressor approaching the turn, was within 3L upon straightening, given many reminders in the straight but was held tight the last 70m, btn 1.75L by Transgressor.

11. JOYFUL HOPE - From the Lark Hill trials 10th March: Jumped ok from the inside barrier, over-raced a touch as Pike tried to restrain it as Flying Roar crossed it early, was 2L of FR as they turned, ridden aggressively and shown the whip at the 250m & again at the 200m, kept in touch with FR all the way in the straight to be btn 1.75L in quick time. Good trial. From the Lark Hill trials 24th March: Not the fastest away, reefed & pulled for more rein the first 150m & zoomed up into 3rd spot quite quickly once the opening was there after 200m or so, raced quite greenly to the turn, loomed up & joined the leader on straightening, these two fought it out for the rest of the straight with Joyful Hope getting the better of Danny's Halo the last 50m under hands & heels only in quick time. Very good trial. Raced on Sat, 5th Apr 2014 Ascot Race 3 - Should have won, was bolting on the fence behind the leaders but lost its rider as it clipped heels trying to take a narrow gap. Nidge was in this race.

12. MISS KITWE - From the Lark Hill trials 10th March: One of the best away, was already leading most by over 1L but was given a crack to get on with it & another not long after & then another at the 200m, given a few niggles after this but was run over by Hyde Park Flyer & Naturaliste who both were under no pressure. Btn 0.75L. From the Lark Hill trials 24th March: Back a clear last after being restrained back from the wide barrier, was a good 2L off the main body as they turned & a good 5L off the leaders, took a rails run in the straight & given a few cuts at the 250m, given an easy time of it the last 100m & seemed to have run out of puff, but a great trial only beaten 2.25L in quick time by Joyful Hope. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Sat 3rd by itself around 2L off the leaders on turning, peeled off heels not long after straightening, given a crack at the 200m, levelled up to Jack To A King at the 100m & pulled away over the concluding stages to win by 1.5L in quick time. Wore blinkers. Nice trial & was 4-5L in front 100m past the post.

13. MISSISSIPPI SAMMY - From the Belmont trials 31st March: Sat 1L off Nidge as they turned, couldn't go with Nidge as they straightened, asked for plenty but couldn't find any more, btn 2.75L