Dragonlead - Ascot R4 No.9 (1800m): Coming home strong from last 1st up through field no runs last 100 WA 2/4/14.

Petrol Power - Ascot R5 No.3 (1200m): Mid field copped some trouble in running kept coming to line in straight WA 9/11/13. Behind leaders pulled out in straight to win well in last bound WA 23/11/13. Nice win WA 7/12/13 sat 2nd got to front in straight came home strong with run. Sat 2nd got front lead all way till last 100 which told 1st up WA 15/2/14. Sat 5th WA 29/3/14 pulled out with run in straight came hom strong to win well .

Testamezzo - Ascot R5 No.5 (1200m): Gave them start got back was making ground late in straight WA 30/11/13. Nice win 1st up WA 15/2/14 got back in field came storming home with run. Got back in field stormed through with runs in straight to just miss WA 9/3/14. Nice win WA 22/3/14 sat out wide sprinted to front in straight came home strong last 100.

High Limit - Ascot R5 No.8 (1200m): Big win gave them start WA 26/2/14 pulled out with with run flew home. Gave them start again WA 5/3/14 back last stormed home out wide to just miss. Nice win WA 22/3/14 back in field pulled out on corner stormed home with big run down outside.

Breckenridge - Ascot R6 No.3 (1400m): Bumped fence on corner lost ground WA 5/3/14 had to straiten up in straight . Behind horses on fence got run came through gap to win well WA 20/3/14.

Crown Choice - Ascot R6 No.4 (1400m): Doing okay work late over last 100 from last on debut WA 1/3/14. Nice win WA 20/3/14 mid field came wide with run sprinted home strong with run.

Dancing Express - Ascot R6 No.12 (1400m): Coming with run got checked final 100 in straight had to stop riding WA 29/3/14.

Balmont Girl - Ascot R7 No.11 (2400m): Big run got back took of way early with wide run WA 21/12/13 had to do it wide to just get pipped. Deserved win WA 15/2/14 back mid field came home strong with run over final stages. To far back gave start had to take off wide on corner before turn WA 1/3/14. Got back in field WA 15/3/14 came wide with rn sprinted away in straight for a soft win at end . Got back in field WA 28/3/14 came wide with run sprinted away in straight to win well.