Looking through Saturdays races, it's very interesting to note Tommy Berry is riding at Doomben on Saturday.
I am guessing he has made the trip North to ride Mouro , but he currently has a book of 7 rides. (This could change however, if the expected rain comes)
He has picked up some decent rides , and I have a feeling he will give the Brisbane jockeys a few lessons in how to ride to win.
It's no secret that the jockeys who regularly ride in Brisbane are no superstars, with most seemingly just happy to let their mounts run around, and collect their pay cheques at the end of the day . There are a couple of exceptions, with D Browne and L Tarrant two that come to mind . The others though, are a pretty even bunch in my opinion, and ride more badly judged races, than good ones.
The likes of C Munce, J Byrne, T Bell, L Cassidy and M Cahill all put in the occasional good ride, but they are consistently inconsistent, and lack the "killer instinct".
This is evident by Luke Tarrant , an apprentice, leading the jockey premiership.
Anyway,I am not meaning to turn this into a jockey bagging exercise, I am just pointing out that the Brisbane jockeys, as a whole, a pretty average bunch.
This being said, I think T Berry can dominate this weekend, because he KNOWS how to win , and he tries to win . In my opinion a top line jockey can make a huge difference to a horse, getting the best out of it, where on the other hand, an average jockey can be a liability to a horses chances . Good jockeys can't make a horse any better or any faster, but they can make the most of their ability, and give them every chance to win . Bad jockeys are the opposite, and personally I cringe when a horse I like has a jockey on board that I don't rate. (Some might say I hate every jockey, but there are lots I dislike more than others ! ) I am not saying T Berry is perfect, and of course he makes mistakes too, but he is far superior to the opposition jockeys he will be riding against this weekend. Hopefully this will bag him a few winners!
I will be backing all his rides at Doomben, so fingers crossed he can give them every chance, and I turn a profit froM my bets .