My best - Might and Power wins the Melbourne Cup over Doriemus... Greg Hall salutes after the line to only go down by a nose.. I had a packet on MP that day... An equal best moment for me was getting a multi (AFL Netball Tennis) over the line to win just over $30k... Fed had to beat Rodd**k in the Wimbledon final in my last leg... Anyone remember that nail biter... GULP!

My worst - had $500 on the nose on Bauer in the Melbourne Cup to go down literally by a nose to bloody Bart's horse in Viewed.

My worst thus far for 2014 was forgetting to check my email and then only to find out that my BBers we're running and I missed 5 good priced winners for that day FFS!

My 2014 best thus far was smashing SILENT ACHIEVER last week and also hooking up with my newly found mates on RF!

Hope to hear your best and worst RF fans