Hey guys,
Just thought I would ask what you think is the best plan of attack for races that are open and seemingly have multiple chances. Do you try and narrow the selection down further with more thorough analysis ? Do you leave the race alone completely because it is too much of a raffle ? Do you box your selections in a trifecta,first 4, or quinella ? Do you back each of the runners you rate a chance, and hope for the best ?
It will be interesting to hear how different people approach these races, and their strategy . Personally, IF I find a race with maybe 4 or 5 different horses I think can win, so long as they are decent prices, I am happy to back them all EW, but never for large amounts. I might also put them on top in a trifecta, and try to jag a small percentage of it .
Quite often though, as with lots of this Saturdays races, I can see more than 4 or 5 chances in quite a few races, around the country . What do you guys recommend when you find 6,7,or even 8 horses that you think can win ??
I know a lot of you have your own ratings systems that probably minimises the chances of coming up with such a high number of potential winners in one particular event, but for the people like me, that don't use such system, I would like to know how I can either cut my selections down, or how to bet in the race, to try and gain a profit.
Any input will be helpful.