Something different, only metro meetings, I will put up what I find at risa, hopefully a couple of days before the meetings and it may not always be correct but I will do my best to identify the best weighted horses for the days racing, some may find this helpful others may not, so see how we go.

Weights v handicap.

Wednesday 09/04/14

Warwick Farm
R # 1. Miss Ta Ta
R # 4. Canossa, She's Bella, Just A Blur, Our Song Bird, Without A Shadow
R # 5. Madam Nash
R # 7. Universal Belief, Chatham House

R # 4. New York Rain
R # 5. Mumbeilly
R # 6. Seduction Counsel, Throw The King
R # 8. Blue Ribbon, Genuine Spin

Eagle Farm
R # 5. Gotta Feeling, Tips 'N' Tale
R # 7. Tracey's Angel