Major Factor - Ascot R3 No.2 (1000m): Going for runs up fence got checked with 100 to go run out of room on debut WA 22/3/14.

Lord Balthazar - Ascot R6 No.8 (1000m): Finished well back in field but never got run each time going for run got checked and lost runs WA 22/3/14 1s up.

Madam Sass - Ascot R6 No.9 (1000m): Slow out had to switch over heels in straight came home well with run WA 22/3/14.

Raeburn - Eagle Farm R2 No.1 (1600m): Got blocked for rums over final stages in straight had to stop riding BRIS 22/3/14 1st up,

Lady Echelon - Eagle Farm R2 No.3 (1600m): Took while to get going strong last 100 in straight 2nd up BRIS 22/3/14.

Harbor Springs - Eagle Farm R3 No.10 (1812m): Gave them to much start trying to get runs in straight kept getting blocked flying late BRIS 8/2/14. Nice win BRIS 22/2/14 got back in field pulled out wide with run on corner came storming home over them went away. Stiff BRIS 8/3/14 got back in field looking for runs held up out late flew home. Got back in field came through with run got taken out in straight lost momentum BRIS 22/3/14.

Anikintime - Eagle Farm R4 No.15 (1500m): Picked up ground in straight last 50 when came throughout gap BRIS 8/3/14.

La Tikka Rosa - Eagle Farm R5 No.8 (1000m): Just gave them to much start was making ground late just gave them to much start MELB 16/11/13.

Beatniks - Eagle Farm R7 No.1 (1400m): Went back from barrier BRIS 22/3/14 was storming home with run down outside strongly.

More Leverage - Eagle Farm R8 No.13 (1200m): Only got warm last 100 in straight BRIS 28/2/14 but winner had big lead. Came home strong with run to win well BRIS 20/3/14.

Soosa Rama - Flemington R1 No.1 (1400m): Picked them up easy in trial MELB 24/2/14 came from back of field under good hold. Big win MELB 14/3/14 back to last came very wide on turn stormed home with run big time to win well.

River Delta - Flemington R1 No.9 (1400m): Very green in winning trial MELB 24/2/14 got home well very green running around blinkers ideal for debut. Nice win on debut MELB 16/3/14 jumped well lead all way kicked away on corner for easy win at end. ( 2nd horse won 27-3)

Best Yet To Come - Flemington R1 No.10 (1400m): Came home very strong late winner to good made up ground MELB 16/3/14. Nice win MELB 27/3/14 sat 2nd got to front on corner bit green in straight last 50 went away.

Melrose Place - Flemington R4 No.5 (1200m): Had to switch for runs in straight to get clear runs MELB 21/3/14.

Escado - Flemington R6 No.4 (2000m): Got to line nicely in trial MELB 24/2/14 under nice hold look for over 1600 plus. Okay run 1st up MELB 8/3/14 got back in field okay late in straight when got runs. Back in field working strong to line with run looking for 2000 MELB 22/3/14.

Henwood - Flemington R7 No.6 (1000m): Finished well back in field but never got a clear run at all MELB 26/10/13 no runs.Got back took while to warm up was coming home strong last 100 MELB 9/11/13.

Hot Testa - Gold Coast R7 No.3 (1800m): Didn't get much chance by jockey gave it bad ride in straight BRIS 22/3/14.

Our Sarastro - Kembla R5 No.15 (1400m): Got home okay looking for further and may need blinkers added SYD 23/3/14 2nd up.

Arjae - Morphettville Parks R4 No.3 (1250m): Held up n fence could not get any runs in straight off fence ADEL 22/3/14.

Chelembra - Morphettville Parks R8 No.5 (1000m): Forget went around blew start never got chance in race MELB 23/2/14.

Khrysler - Rosehill R1 No.10 (1400m): Wanted to duck in when making run in straight 1st up SYD 22/2/14. Warmed up last 100 got home strong late SYD 10/3/14. Got back in field was caught wide came with run bit green in straight will be suited with blinkers.

Spicy Sure - Rosehill R1 No.11 (1400m): Wanted to hang in straight wouldnt straiten up SYD 26/3/14

Less Is More - Rosehill R2 No.8 (2000m): Was getting home strong to line late in straight over final 100 1st up SYD 8/3/14. Me run again back last most of way nice work late in straight SYD 22/3/14 (nom Doncaster,queen Elizabeth).

You're So Good - Rosehill R4 No.8 (1500m): . No luck MELB 2/11/13 got caught wide had to go to front better suited coming from behind. Got home well 1st up from spell MELB 1/3/14 last 100 strong to line. Got back in field pulled out with run on corner got home strong to just miss ADEL 10/3/14 ready to win. Over raced early cost it to settle had to move up front thought on well late MELB 21/3/14.

Let's Make Adeal - Rosehill R6 No.11 (2400m): Back last pulled out on corner pulled out wide came home strong with run down outside SYD 22/3/14.

Zanbagh - Rosehill R7 No.2 (2000m): Hitting the line strong over last 100 in straight from back in field SYD 22/2/14. Got back in field SYD 8/3/14 came wide on corner getting home strong. Nice win SYD 23/3/14 mid field pulled out with run on corner went away to win well.

Ghibellines - Rosehill R8 No.3 (1200m): Kept coming to line in straight on debut bit green in straight SYD 5/10/13. Nice run 1st up SYD 15/2/14 mid field on fence got out coming home still looked green in straight. Don't think was given the best of rides ACT 9/3/14 copped some trouble. Nice win SYD 22/3/14 backed last came home strong with runs through field to win strongly .