Hey guys,

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
This morning I was shopping around for prices, to have a few early bets on The Caulfield Cup, and to cut a long story short, found 2 horses I was interested in, at a better price on Ladbrokes, than with the other bookies I use .
Fair enough I thought, I will back those 2 horses with them, and secure the better price . It took me all of 5 minutes to log in, and deposit my funds, but then, when I went to place the 2 bets , I found the prices had changed !!!
I had kept an eye on the prices, and periodically refreshed my screen , for about an hour before I decided to place my bets, and only just refreshed it before I logged in to make these bets, just to make sure the prices DIDN'T change.
Of course the prices I saw when I logged in were LESS than the prices they were only a few minutes ago. One horse dropped from $26 to $21 and the other dropped from $15 to $11 .
This seemed extremely suspicious to me, and I rang Ladbrokes.com.au to tell them the issue, as I think this has happened to me previously, but I have never worried about it.
Ladbrokes.com.au honoured the original prices I saw before they changed, which was good of them, but they couldn't explain why this happened. They checked to make sure there were no restrictions etc on my account, which there isn't, and couldn't really offer a valid reason why the prices changed AFTER I logged into my account and deposited funds .
It just seems very strange to me. They said the bookies prices could have officially changed in that approx. 5 minute timeframe of logging in/going to place my bets, but seriously, that is just TOO big of a coincidence, since they hadn't changed at all in the previous hour or so that I had the prices up on my screen .
They also said since I wasn't logged into my account when I was doing the price checking, hitting the "refresh" button mightn't have updated the site. That also seemed like a bad excuse, and certainly not a valid reason .
Anyhow, as I said, after speaking to someone on the phone and explaining the situation, and telling them it did happen to me before, they did the right thing and honoured the original prices I saw, but it just doesn't sit well with me that this happened in the first place .
The first thing I thought when I saw the prices change was that this was a rort, and they are showing inflated prices to try and suck people in, then when they go to place a bet, the price changes . I am not sure if this is the case, but if it is, then they could be in huge trouble if caught out doing that .
They said I should always be logged in to my account when checking prices, to make sure the price shown is accurate. Telling me that also makes me think something strange is going on there. Why should it matter if you are logged in or not ? The price should be exactly the same !!
I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered strange happenings such as this, or am I just the unlucky one it has happened to twice recently ?
Once could be a coincidence, but twice in a short period of time, with 2 different prices changing, seems like there is more to it than bad timing .