I thought I'd throw my 2 bobs worth in about Nick Kyrgios and the over the top media attention he received after defeating Rafa the other night.

My beef is, in my opinion the boy had no hope of winning his next match after his expectations were raised through the roof. I'm sure he would not have slept a wink. Combine that with the pressures put on him by the media, he had no hope!

Boris Becker would not have had those types of pressures in '85 when he won the crown as a teenager!

For goodness sakes, put him on a pedestal after he got knocked out or after he won the title not in the middle of the tournament!

It was an outstanding performance by young Nick and I hope he can carry on and have a successful career. So many times we've seen potential champs suffer and fail due to added pressure of the media. It takes a thick skin and tough personality to have the ability to brush away pressure and keep a clear head!

That is all!