Hey guys,
Just thought I would start a thread to get your views on Cranbourne R7 today.
It's a tough race, and the heavy track makes it even tougher, to try and pick the winner.
I like a few of them, but not sure which way to go .
Listed below are my top selections, but gee, it's not an easy race to try and work out !

1. DANY THE FOX . Blackbooker from last start , and should be primed for today, but the big worry of course is the 62.5 KG . Would clearly be my top pick if wasn't carrying such a big weight. I do like the fact that Yendall has stuck with it, and the heavy ground shouldn't worry it , but with the huge weight, it is going to need everything to go it's way to win this.

2. EXIMUS . Also a Blackbooker from the same race as Dany The Fox . From the same stable as well, but once again, has a big weight . Carrying 58KG today, which is 4kg more than his last run . Should also get through the ground, but the weight increase from last start worries me .

4. BACKBONE . Honest galloper, having second start here for the Weir camp.
First up run was good , but second up on the heavy track could be a problem . Has won 3 out of 4 second up previously though , but by the same token, has failed on a wet track previously . That failure was 2 years ago though, in the VRC St Leger , so don't know if a lot can be read into that.
Carrying 56kg today, which is fair enough , but the heavy track might go against him.

5. LUCKYI'MBAREFOOT . This is one horse that will definitely appreciate the heavy track. Loves the mud , and is capable , but does he have the class to beat some of these horses today ? Definitely in contention given the conditions, but still have my reservations about him .

7. POST D'FRANCE . Honest horse, suited by the mile today at 3rd run back from a spell , and not badly weighted in comparison to some of the others.
Not sure how he will get through the heavy though . Would be far more confident backing him on a dead track , but if he does get through it ok, will be hard to beat. I like the fact he has gone 1200m 1st up, then to 1400m , and today up to 1600m . The distance won't be an issue, as has won over further.
Biggest query is the mud !

Well, there are my top selections for this event, and there are a few other chances as well that I never mentioned, but all the ones I have mentioned have their pros and cons.
I will be interested to hear your views !