Ive developed a new system that is based solely around DEB'S

Now for anybody whom knows about debs often knows there is generally little info to go on
generally breeding or trial form runs is all that is available

So after much musing over this system i developed


30 Nov, 2013 - 6 May, 2014
Systems calculated using a Flat Staking plan = $21,547.50 AUD PROFIT

28.43% PoT
15% Win%
228 Wins
1516 Hits
8.54 Avg. D.
71.9 High D.
1.3 Low D.
Now yesterdays selections were for 05/05/2014 MOE R1
Mr Pago 1-10 $27.80
Banner Rose
Miss Sappy
Roll The Ignition
Humorous Bet

So im sharing a few selections to see how this system pans out now i normally like a higher % strike rate but damn it was a fine balance between profits and strike rates

So Today's selections

MORN R3 3-Arnina
MORN R3 9-Kelly's Diva
MORN R3 11-Sagapuss
MORN R3 10-Life Of Pi

& Tomorrows

BKVA R1 9-Shavano's Image
BKVA R2 4-Cavaloce

DEVS R1 1-Burma

SANH R2 4-Kayepee
SANH R2 5-Maroon

PINJ R1 3-Datai Bay
PINJ R1 7-Winza Moment
PINJ R1 12-Shinta Mani

Now bear in mind system is still new and fresh so if betting err to the side of "FUN"

Hope we snag a few more nice priced runners
And if anybody has some more debs feel free to add em