With the certainty of wet tracks down south , I have done the form for Doomben this Saturday (and yes, I did actually do the form, not just pick the horse with the name I like best ).
Below are my selections for each race, based on the track being good or on the better side of dead . I am hoping the rain stays away up here, but now that I have gone through all the form, it will be sure to pour down !!
Anyhow , the tips below are rated in my order of preference, the 1st number being my top selection, the 2nd number being my 2nd selection etc etc .
Most of the races look very competitive, and I can't pinpoint any standouts, so there might be a bit of value amongst my picks. Hopefully I can snare a few winners !!

Race 1 : 9,10,8,4,6
Race 2 :
Race 3 : 3,6,10,1,7,8,11
Race 4 : 4,3,7,6,1
Race 5 : 1,7,4,2,10,11,9
Race 6 : 1,2,6,8,4,11,13
Race 7 : 13,7,4,5,8,2,10
Race 8 : 11,8,14,13.7,9,4