When study the form I sometimes see horses that have raced against the favourite last start and only been beaten narrowly but sometimes they offer good odds.

Example 1:
Saturday 7th June, Eagle Farm R4:

Favourite: #4 Cape Kidnappers and won. 2nd was #10 Big Money. Then we go to,

Saturday 21st June Eagle Farm R5: #2 Cape Kidnappers starts close enough to favourite but goes up 1.5kg while #10 Big Money stays at the same weight and only finished 0.2 lengths behind last time they meet. E/way odds were available and ends up winning this time around.

Example 2:
Wednesday 18th June, Warwick Farm R1: #3 Spud O'Reilly, favourite @$1.80 and ends up running second while #9 Never Back Down runs third. Then we go to,

Wednesday 2nd of July, Warwick Farm R4: These two meet again and #9 Never Back Down was only 0.3 of a length behind #7 Spud O'Reilly last time they meet and Spud was 2nd fav in the race today but look at the difference in odds. #9 Never Back Down ends up winning in a photo paying $21.40/$6.30.

I was thinking of keeping stats/spreadsheeting them up just to see where they go but sometimes you can get 5 or more coming out of the last race into the next one. So I was thinking if we get that amount of horses maybe just to back the ones over a certain div, say maybe $7.00 or leave the race all together. Also it will be pretty hard with work for me to do this but I'll try and keep it updated. It might be an epic fail but may as well see where it goes then we might apply some rules and filters. If ya got any ideas or rules for this chuck'em up and if you do find any horses throw them up as well. Cheap thrills, dollar bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!