Hey lads just putting it out there that Hancox Racing Syndications have a few shares in the racing of its next group of 2yo horses still available . It is a fun and cheap way to get in to owning a small share of 6 race horses .
I joined the last syndicate and have loved the experience . Out of the 6 horses all raced and 4 have won races including group placed Mossbeat , Heart Of Thunder ,Full Swing and the very promising Free On Saturday ( broke down and retired ).
In the next lot of young ones we already have one that looks as though he can measure up to city racing having won both his jumpouts under a hold . He should be racing in March as will 3 others that are showing a lot of promise . The other two are still growing and will race later in the season .
How it works is that you pay a one off fee of $1250 ( can be paid in installments ) and you race 6 horses for 3 yrs ( with an option for a 4th year if it is worth it ) and you pay nothing else . As each horse wins prize money it is put in to a high interest account and is paid out as a dividend after the 3 or 4 years . There are 800 shares so it is not about getting rich but having a bit of fun . You get owners passes that get you free entry to all horses races and they welcome you to watch all trials and jumpouts . Rod Peakock is the face you speak to and he is very friendly and emails all info and there is a lot with 6 horses .
As it stands now from the last syndication we will get a dividend of around $600 but this will increase a lot if Mossbeat can win another race or two . Oh yeh all horses are sold after the 3 or 4 years and money added to the dividend paid . Mossbeat is group placed so her value has gone up heaps but if she wins a listed or group race we may end up with close to what we put in at the start .
I have put this up here as I have enjoyed it so much and I know that one of them ( baring injury will measure up to city ) and would love to have a few members on here to chat to and