Hello everyone, I'm very happy to join the forum and look forward to discussing the form and making a few suggestions to you guys. I have plenty of tips! I hope I am ok to post here. I am not here to spam and never come back. I wish to get involved in your community.

I am a full time punter who specializes on the UK horses. I have also been submitting my premium tips on a tipping site and as you can see further below, I do quite well
I don't often promote my tipping service but as I am now 6 months into it I feel confident enough on my sample size (over 1300 tips) to start pushing my 'Jace Maclin' alias for BetAdvisor.com.

My strategy is different to some tipsters. I don't pick the horse I think is favourite to win. I pick the horse that gives the maximum value. What I mean by that is that if you were to back every horse in a given race 1000 times, which horse would show the most profit?
For example, (all bets at 1 pound stake), the 2/1 favourite would win the most times - if it won 250 times you would get 750 pounds back. This selection would average out at a -25% yield.
I would maybe go for a 10/1 shot who I think will win only 100 times giving you 1100 pounds back and a +10% yield.
In my opinion, betting for value is the only way you can win at this game and it's worth getting your head around this concept if it is a new one to you.
I feel like like I am continuing to improve and, as you can see via the link, I am moving more and more towards longer priced selections as I feel there is more value to be had here. My clients are happy and are enjoying the bigger wins!
You will also see that in those last 6 months, I am the number 1 performing tipster of the 605 currently on the site. All of the figures are based upon betting 100 units of your own choice per selection. I never used to think the bookies could be beaten but with a bit of insider knowledge and 3 or 4 hours work a day, I have now proved that they can be – as I am sure lots of you manage to do yourselves!

Here's the link to my page. Feel free to check it out or PM me any questions.