Why is the horse’s weight is going up or down. You hear this all the time. Going up in class or down in class .When a horse dropping down the class, the weight increases.

When a horse, going up in class .The weight is decreasing. What we want to know is, how much is dropping in weight or how much is going up in weight [Some , Sydney racing class example]

An example .A horse was racing with 66 Benchmark points. Say that horse won the Benchmark 70 race .Now the handicapper gave that horse 70 Benchmark points wining the Benchmark 66 race. [ Rating points ]

Now the trainer wants to know. How much weight his horse will carry on different class [We and the trainer knows .the horse has 70 rating points]

If this horse racing in 70 Benchmark race , how much will be weighted in this 70 Benchmark race race ? The answer is 61 KG----In SYDNEY’S BENCHMARK races. The top weight is 61 KG.
How much is this horse will be weighted on different class .

75 Benchmark races--------59,5 KG

80 Benchmark races--------56 KG

85 Benchmark races--------53,5 KG

90 Benchmark races--------51 KG

95 Benchmark races--------48,5 KG

Every BENCHMARK POINT or rating. Equals 0,5 KG