The official rating
1s WINS- CANB- MDN 57 KG [This mare's first race ] after winning the race she gets rating of 54
2s--wins in NCLE CL 1-------the rating goes from--- 54 to 64
3s-wins in CANB BM 65-----the rating goes from---- 64 to 69
4s-wins in CANT NMW------the rating goes from---- 69 to 75
5s-6 th-in CANT BM 75------the rating goes from---- 75 to 75---- [5.9 L-6 th ]
6s-wins in CANT BM 75------the rating goes from---- 75 to 80
7s-5 th-in RAND Group 3----the rating goes from---- 80 to 80-----[3.1 L- 5 th]
8s- 3 rd in RHL BM 80------the rating goes from------ 80 to 80
9s-TODAY'S RUN 5 th BM 80--- THE RATING WILL BE- 80 to 80
1s-wins- CANT----- MDN 57 kg after winning this race .he gets rating of 68
2s-3 rd- RHIL------- BM 75 ---the rating goes from---68 to 70---3rd 0.6 L
3S-2nd- CANT------ BM 75----the rating goes from---70 to 72---2nd 0.1 L
4s-wins- RHIL------- BM 80----the rating goes from---72 to 78
5s-2nd- RHIL-------- BM 80----the rating goes from---78 to 80---2nd 1.3 L
6s-2nd-- RAND- Group 1 -----the rating goes from----80 to 94-- 2nd 0.3 L
7s-7th-- RHIL--- Group 1------the rating goes from----94 to 94---7th 4 L
8s-wins CANT BM 95-----------the rating goes from----94 to 98
9s-3rd--RHIL--OPEN------------the rating goes from----98 to 98---3rd 2.1 L
10s6th-W.FM-Group 3----------the rating goes from----98 to 98---6th 2.6 L
11s2nd RAND-Group 3---------the rating goes from----98 to 99---2nd 1.3 L
12s11thRAND Group 1---------the rating goes from----99 to 99--11th 4.8 L
13s4th RHIL-OPEN--------------the rating goes from----99 to 99--4th 3.6 L
14s4th RHIL OPEN--------------the rating goes from----99 to 98--4th 4.4 L
15s8th NCLE Group 3-----------the rating goes from----98 to 96--8th 4 L
16s3rd RHIL Group 3-----------the rating goes from-----96 to 96 3rd 2.3 L
17s10thRAND LISTED----------the rating goes from-----96 to 94 10th 7.4 L
18s5th SCNE LISTED-----------the rating goes from-----94 to 93 5th 2.5 L
19s3rd RHIL OPEN--------------the rating goes from-----93 to 93 3rd 2.1L
20swins RHIL OPEN-------------the rating goes from-----93 to 97
21s 3rd RHIL LIST-------------- the rating goes from-----97 to 97 3rd 1.2 L
22s6th RHIL BM 95------------- the rating goes from-----97 to 96 6th 5 L
this horse will have a rating of 96 on his next start