Does anyone here using a staking plan that might come in handy to me ?
My betting is all over the shop, and as you would probably know, I am an "emotional punter" , and tend to bet up bigger when I am either winning ( to try and increase profits) or losing ( to try and chase money ) .
I realise this is not a way to win , and it almost always certainly backfires .
It is hard for me to take the emotional side out of it, because thats simply my nature , but it is not doing me any good !!
I have had my arse kicked the last month or so on the punt , and most of that has been my own fault . Stupid is, as stupid does !!
I am not a big punter, but quite often if I have the expendable cash, I will bet up bigger than normal, and when I am chasing losses I tend to do that too.
Now I am not saying I want to try and become a "pro" or anything like that ( I will always just be a mug punter who has a passion for horse racing ) but I would like some advice on staking . It's not something I have ever done, so I am not up on the ins and outs of it .
I am going to try it out on a selection method I have been playing around with.
Once again, I am not saying I want to be a "pro" and I certainly don't think I know this system will work (it will probably need some tinkering/refining) but it can't be any worse than my current "form" over the last month !!
I have only been using the selection criteria for a week ( yeah yeah I know I need a lot longer time than that to know if it will work or not ) but it has thrown up a few good results . It has also thrown up some crap results, but that's the nature of horse racing, ya not gonna win them all !!
Anyhow, if anyone wants to help , let me know, I would appreciate the input .