It was brought to my attention that the score did not add up. As a result of painfully going back through them it seems they did not add up correctly probably due to my poor spreadsheet skills. (I knew I should have used pen & paper).

I can do nothing about the past monthly winners but I would think it would be in every ones best interest this was picked up now rather than later as we want the scores to be right in the end.

I can't say sorry enough & ask you all if you want this competition to go ahead?

Final Amendments
GARTMAN 668.36 1
MRSWEDEN 649.64 2
BRYSTAR 598.03 3
JENLOVE 588.73 4
REPENT 569.76 5
CRACKA 484.75 6
NATESNAGS 450.78 7
JAYZTIPS 418.17 9
BAGMAN 386.96 10

This is so embarrassing as now I have moved to top position. Might just scrap this competition doesn't sit well with me