Each Saturday all entrants are given $500 to spend on whatever (Horse racing) wherever they want.

All bets to be listed by 12pm EDST.

Any time listed as later than 12.00 will be omitted from Comp.

Bets to be listed on the official Last Man Standing Week 1 site and so on. (How to see below)

There will be a LMS rolling Leader board updated by Sunday evening each week.

Each Saturday, the punter with the lowest accumulative tally is out.
Therefore week 1 the lowest returns is out, week 2 takes into account week1. etc etc.

So the totals accumulate each week and the lowest cumulative total is out?


Do we deduct the $500 investment from the total won to give us a net figure?

NO Whatever is the winning or return $ will be banked each week.

Can entrants bet on anything eg exotics or just win and EW/place?

YES anything, flexi % s whatever, a maximum of 10 bets only tho.

Is it only Aus/NZ or anywhere?


What happens if there is a scratching/late scratching and someone has bet on it ? Is that just going to be a case of bad luck, and the money is "refunded" to the person : So say someone had $200 on a horse, it gets scratched at the barriers.............does that $200 just go back to their total for that week ?

Quaddies we have subs and that will stand.

Late scratchings will be refunded. If you select an early scratching ie scratched at 8.30am edst thats simply bad luck.

Can we have flexi exotics ? So say I wanted to take a quaddie, but the total of the quaddie really came to $5000 , because I had a crapload of selections in each leg, could I use my $500 to take that quaddie for 10 % ? The same scenario for a trifecta or first 4................... can we take them for a % for a nominated amount ?


Lastly, just to make sure I understand , the totals for each week will be added, as the comp goes to, to determine the winners/losers for each week ?
So, say I win $1000 in week one, and person B wins $800 in week one I obviously beat him ( Let's assume both of us make it to week 2 )
In week 2 I win only $200 , but person B wins $500 , they go ahead of me because in 2 weeks I have accumulated $1200 , but they have accumulated $1300 .


Let's assume I finished bottom of the remaining people in week 2 because my total was the lowest combined over the 2 weeks...............that means I am out, right ?


So even though it is a "weekly competition " the totals of each week are added together to determine who stays, and who goes ?


This continues until we get down to the final 2 people, and eventually the overall winner ?


Let's say I start week 1 with my $500 , I have the MAXIMUM 10 BETS ALLOWED, but get a return of only $150 . In other words, I lost $350 of my $500 ..................my week 1 total is then $150 ?


This $150 is then "banked", and assuming I make it to week 2 , I start week 2 with a new $500 to spend , and whatever I end up with in week 2 is added to my "banked" $150 . This continues over weeks 3,4,5, etc , assuming I don't finish last in one of those weeks with my accumulated totals ?


So one week I could have a bad week, and scrape through, and the next week, I could have a massive week, and scoot to the top of the ladder (once again, assuming I am not knocked out because I had a poor week ) ?


This is how we will write our bets out.

Meeting, Race, Horse number(s), bet type, % if necessary, bet total in $

Melb Race 1 #4 $50 EW ($100)

Melb Race 4 1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4,5,6/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 F4 50% ($200)

Syd Race 5 1,2,3,4,5 Quin X 10 $1 Units ($100)

Syd 1,2,3,4/1/1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4,5 Quaddie 100% $100

Total $500

Some fun parts

Weeks 4,8 and 12 will be double points.

Week 6 all the eliminated can have an opportunity to win BACK IN. All members still play in same manner, however none of these members will be eliminated in this week.
Yes the previously eliminated may come back in below the bottom of the ladder member. This is their chance to win as much as they can, they will play for double points. Their risk if they dont win enough is that they may be out the following week.

Week 10 will be a double eviction. Bottom 2 will leave.

Week 13 The weekly winner wins the right to withdraw $250 from 3 members

Week 14 The weekly winner will receive a bonus of $1000.

Week 16 Surprise 1

Week 18 or when 4 weeks to go, a surprise, (Ladder)

The Final 2 will start with a clean slate in the last week and have $1000 to play with in the Grand Final