Hi lads I am fed up with what is happening with our racing . Race clubs allowing races to jump at the same time as another meeting instead of holding , bookmakers closing accounts just because a punter wins ( not me though ) That debarcle with Tigdig Tigdig being disqualified and thousands of punters doing their $$$ cold , are just a couple of things that us punters are being taken for a ride with . On the Wed 17th Feb we are trying to get as many punters to keep their $$$ in their pockets for one day in protest of the way us punters are being treated . Even if we could have turnover drop by 5% it would get the race clubs and book makers sit up and listen . This is your chance to be apart of something that we hope can change racing for the better . I will post a few things and please take a few minutes to look at them . Cheers lads