I know it's not racing related but there are some out there that don't mind having a flutter on live sports events myself included. My main interest re sports betting are soccer matches be it on the match odds market, unders/overs, correct scores, etc especially with so many leagues played throughout the year not just the well known ones. Allows plenty of betting opportunities on a number of various markets.

There are a couple of matches on this evening in the AFC Champions League that could interest me. Two games are into the second half and the scores still 0-0 was thinking of maybe putting a lay bet against the draw. The two matches of interest at the moment are currently:

FC Seoul vs Guangzhou FC
Urawa vs Suwon Bluewings

See how things pan out in the next couple of minutes. Usually I look at around the 60 min mark or even later before becoming interested. Currently the scores are still locked at 0-0 with about half an hour or less to go. Might wait a bit longer as there doesn't seem to be much happening at the moment.