This is mainly for the newbies to betting out there who dont already have accounts with most of the bookies.

Just a note to any guys out there who are just starting betting (or maybe some old heads who have just stayed with the 1 or 2 bookies), its very easy to build a risk free couple of grand and more bankroll over a couple of weeks to get started.

"Bonus Bagging" or "Matched Betting" its called, and in Australia with all of the great start up free bet offers out there its incredibly simple to lay off those free bets for cash. If you get $100 free bet off a bookie thats as good as at least $60 cash in your pocket and very likely a lot more

When you are starting out you are not up to date with the ins and outs of how to extract the most value so this thread is just a pointer to let them know that there is a lot of risk free money out there if you are starting up and not to just waste it like i know i did.

If you have like $300-500 ready to go then that will be $2500 or more within a couple of weeks. Its a great way to build a decent bankroll out of nothing and then just bet with "their money" for your punting

If anyone is interested in this im happy to run you through the finer details of exactly how to do it. Just reply here or message me