With just 3 more sleeps until the fat man in the red suit arrives, just thought I would wish everyone on RF, and their families/extended families a Merry Christmas .
Hopefully everyone has been good, and gets what they want, and there are no lumps of coal left in a stocking for you ( unless you want a lump of coal that is ) .

My Christmas day will be a rather quiet day, just visiting my family for lunch, then back home again. That's the way I like it though, saves all the fuss and dramas and mass planning . Plus 3 or so hours spent with family is more than enough for me !! ( My condolences and commiserations to those that are forced to endure a whole day, or even longer, with their "loved ones" , or their partners "loved ones" )

Anyhow, whatever everyone is doing, make sure you enjoy it , and be safe !
ho Ho HO and stuff !!