I'm fairly new to racing and have learnt things along the way but still have a plethora of questions. (Dummies to Horse a Racing .....does such a book exist )
The following questions are probably dumb but where can you learn this stuff

Q1. When betting do I win/place/Quinella/trifecta/duet.....etc ?
Q2. When doing a quaddie do I 'load up' or take a risk and do 2 outs instead of a group of horses ?
Q3. Do I bet in maidens or is this high risk compared to higher class races ?
Q4. Do I read all newspapers, websites , radio programs and get EVERYONES opinions to selections ?
Q4. What is a Benchmark 84,75,...etc ?
Q5. What to consider when girls race the boys not to mention age differences ?
Q6. Do 'gears' actually make a difference?
Q7. What are winkers, pacifiers, ...?
Q8. What determines fixed odds and when do they come out prior to a race ?
Q9. How effective are barrier trials ? Why do them ? Are they a true indication of horses form ?
Q10. What time rest is there for a horse to be considered 'first up' again ?

I have hundreds more but these continually make my head hurt

Surely I'm not the only one ?