ADVANTAGE KENNY - From the Belmont trials 31st March: Btn 9L by Tales Of Summer over 950m. From the Belmont trials 14th April: Back 2nd last early, tracked wide into the straight & ran home well to be btn 5.75L by King Cool in fair time, but KC did it pretty easily out in front. Ok trial but still a very green youngster. Wore blinkers.

AGENT BROWN - From the Lark Hill Trials 21st Oct: Pinged from the gates nicely, joint leader all the way keeping to the inside, never asked for an effort, good trial behind Warringah Blues btn 0.75L. From the Belmont trials 31st March: Jumped beautifully from the inside barrier & led by over 1L after 20m, led by 2L under no riding after 100m, still led by 2.5L at the 100m under no riding & cruised to the line easily but was run down in the shadows by Malibu Style who had been pushed along the whole trip. Beautiful trial over 400m, but would like to see again over 900m . Was in front by 0.5L 100m after the line. From the Belmont trials 14th April: Back 2nd last as they turned & niggled along, given many reminders in the straight and did run on but Rule To Wyn was doing it easily out in front. Btn 2.75L in what was just a basic effort.

DISCO DUCK - From the Belmont trials 31st March: Slow to jump, ridden hard & given a few cracks but had nothing, btn 7L by Rule To Wyn. From the Belmont trials 14th April: Led on the inside of Aplomb Dancer until straightening, had a 0.5L lead at the 250m over AD, but was given windburn by Do You Do at the 200m, had nothing from this point, btn 7L by DYD. Wore blinkers.

FATHING FAST - Wed, 16th Apr 2014 Ascot Race 1 - Mis-strode and became unbalanced leaving the 400m. Rattled home with 2nd best FS rating 90/105 behind Hadani Lad & Joyful Hope. Very nice effort despite not racing since mid Oct '13 and having no lead up trials. Obviously has ability.

MAGIC ATACANTA - From Lark Hill Trials 4th November: Very green. Ran about for the first 200m of the trial, once it straightened up looks to have its share of ability, like to see again over 950m. From the Belmont trials 31st March: Jumped ok & ridden hard from the outset but couldn't keep up, jock shut the engines off at the 150m & still made ground as it cruised to the line btn 5.5L by Malibu Style & Agent Brown. Like to see again over 900m+ which I did from the from the Belmont trials 14th April where it was beaten by 8L by King Cool. Poor trial.

DO YOU DO - From the Lark Hill Trials 21st Oct: Sat one out one back outside of Watch Me Sparkle, came to the outside on straightening, asked for an effort but no turn of foot evident, started to warm up last 200m but was eased down last 50m. Wants 1200m or more already. From the Belmont trials 14th April: Jumped well (but most did) to be up with the leaders after 100m, let the leader go after this & dropped into the 1/1 pozzie 2L off the leaders as they approached the turn, still 2L off as they straightened, peeled 3 wide at the 250m & pushed along now, joined in quickly at the 200m & raced away to win easily by 3.25L in quick time. Nice turn of foot. Only race start in late October '13 ran 3rd rating 85 (very good on debut (behind Star Glitter) for a 2yo at that time of year!).

NIGHTMARE MOON - From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Sat 4th around 3 wide until straightening, switched off heels early in the straight, not overly ridden along but was then given a crack at the 150m when it was over 1L off the leader and it responded immediately to race up and take the lead under soft hands to go on & win easily by 1.25L. Impressive trial in fast time. Wore blinkers.

SASS 'N' GLAM - From the Lark Hill Trials 21st Oct: Jumped in then out at the start, totally off balance to start the trial, immediately hunted along, once he balanced up he made good ground without being overly ridden, seems to have something, trial margin unfair but needs to learn some barrier manners. From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Not overly quick to jump, but none of them were, led by near 1L after 100m under soft hands & heels, Muskets At Dawn loomed up to join it the last 100m, but Sass 'N' Glam seemed to sense it and found another gear despite not being ridden any harder. Nice trial to win by 0.5L. From the Belmont trials 14th April: Not so quick to jump & was 2L off So Cute after 50m, pushed along hands & heels, got within 1L of So Cute at the 200m, levelled up at the 100m & ridden pretty quietly now, cruised home over the top of So Cute to win by 0.2L in very quick time (400m trial). Very nice. Wore blinkers.

THE POETS DAUGHTER - From the Lark Hill trials 7th April: Got away ok & ridden quietly to the 200m, pushed along a bit harder at this point, rider pulled the whip at the 100m & rode it out to the line to get within 0.5L of Jimmy's Lass, but these two had been side by side at the 200m. Time was just basic.