If I may make a suggestion:
I'm sure most of you here would like to see these forums grow in member numbers, activity etc.
But sometimes a user might post a new topic in the forums and it receives little or no responses.
Fair enough that no one is obliged to comment where they choose not to, but to new users or guests passing by, it may look as if this website is not the place for them to get information.

So I thought I'd challenge all current members to step outside their comfort zone (so to speak) for the next month and actively comment on any thread/topic that you might normally bypass or simply just read without inputting.
Lets show others that this can be a place where they can learn from knowledge that some of us have acquired over the years, simply by feeling free to ask without having their questions go through to the keeper.

Let's see how if you can post at least one new topic this month on either rules of racing, upcoming races, jockeys you like/don't like, betting strategies, good trainers, dud trainers etc.
Then pick another thread and make a comment!

I think we could easily triple the activity int he forums!

Just an idea though, not an command