Hi All.
Just curious if anyone out there has access to either a members or owners pass to the races at Rosehill tomorrow.

I've had absolutely no luck with the ATC. I have been in contact with them since mid Jan about getting media accreditation for the races. They basically told me I'm not big enough however they could organise a few day passes when required.

Emailed them last night and had no response by lunchtime today so I rang the media guy who told me it was pretty much to late and difficult to organise a pass this late (it's not rocket science) and adds that he hadn't met me or know much about he (even although I had previously sent him the links to all my interviews on racingfans website).

I mentioned that I had arranged to interview J McDonald near the jockeys room tomorrow and his response was 'well the jockeys room is close to the fence so you can interview him over the fence'.

Deadset amateur hour at the ATC!!

When I was in Homg Kong I organised a media pass with one email! I've been to the UFC twice with accreditation as well as the Major League Baseball when it was in Sydney.

The ATC are a joke. No wonder the racing industry has so many issues and troubles.

They can't even organise one day pass and leave it at the Raceday office for me.
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