Hey everyone,

I will be posting a FAQ guide here for how you can buy/sell tips on RacingFans.com.au, the system is still very much in its testing stage but we think most bugs etc have been fixed. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread about the system.

First you must be a member, so if you are not register here: http://www.racingfans.com.au/register

It's quick and simple to do!


Tip Settings: http://www.racingfans.com.au/usercp/tip-settings.php

Tip Sets: http://www.racingfans.com.au/usercp/tip-sets.php

Enter Tips: http://www.racingfans.com.au/tips/add

Deposit: http://www.racingfans.com.au/deposit-funds

Withdraw: http://www.racingfans.com.au/usercp/withdrawal.php

Purchased Tips: http://www.racingfans.com.au/ptips.php


Enter Tips:

This is where you enter your tips for competitions and for sale. If you mark a selection on the right hand side it will be available for purchase if left unticked the tip will only be used for competition purposes. You can add/remove any tips up until 5minutes before race jump time.

Cost To Sell: It cost's you nothing to sell your tips on RacingFans.com.au but we do take 25% of all purchases, this goes back into making RacingFans.com.au the best horse racing website in Australia. This helps cover a very small part of our development and running costs.

Tip Settings:

This is where you can update you tips sale page, you can determine how much you sell your tips for or if you want to give them away for free, you can do so on this page.

You can also add a sales image to your page and add a sales message for potential buyers.

Tip Sets:

This is where you can edit the tips you have for sale and see old, current and upcoming sets of tips for sale. Using the pencil you can add a message, see who bought your tips and send a notification of new tips or updated message (example: due to track downgrade, i have removed the Moonee Valley Race 7 tip)

Adding a notification will send all buyers an email which will include the tips for the day. So you can use this for late mail, updates due to track bias or track condition etc.


Straight forward, this is where you deposit into your RF wallet.


Straight forward, this is where you withdraw from your RF wallet (all withdrawals are verified first).

Purchased Tips:

All buyers will receive an email with tips from the seller after purchase but there is also a link where they can get live updates for their tips, including new tips, and profit/loss for the resulted tips.

After you have purchased a persons tips you can use this link to view a live update of their tips for the day/week/month (depending on the package you bought). It will also give buyers a live update on the profit and loss for the tips they have bought, using both win and place divs.

Buyers can also leave feedback about your tips and rate them out of 5 which will be displayed on your tip profile so future buyers can see them (sort of like an ebay feedback system) this makes sellers involvement with their buyers necessary.

This is just a general run down on the tipping system. If you have any questions post them here. I will be making a video to outline what i have said in this thread.