Well Hell,
Just thought I would air and share my latest frustration with you guys (yeah yeah, nothing new ) .
I play the free footy tipping competitions with Sportsbet, as I am sure many of you do, and just checked my results for the AFL. Seems I got the perfect round, but alas, the margin I chose for the nominated game (which was Collingwood V Carlton) was 17 . The official margin ended up being 15 .
Pretty lucky you say ? Well, of course it was pretty flukey, but not flukey enough. The frustrating part is the top tipster of the round, with the right margin, wins $10k cash . 3 people picked the perfect round with the perfect margin, 4 people picked the perfect round with a 1 point margin, and 10 people, me included, picked the perfect round with a 2 point margin.
What do I get for being so close ? Absolutely nothing !!!!!!!!!!!
The 3 people who got the perfect round and the correct margin get to split $10,000 cash .
I am not blaming anyone, because it is a free comp. to enter, but it's just so annoying to get so bloody close to winning that cash, especially when there were a few upsets in that round !!!
I suppose that's what happens though when you play the free comps. With so many people playing, someone is always going to jag the prize, no matter how rough the result is ! Just wish it was me .
Below is a cut and paste of my round rank (even though it says current round rank is 8, it is actually equal 3rd). My overall ranking is in the high 9000's, so I got no chance of the season prize, but would have been good to totally fluke a weekly prize !! As you can see , there are A LOT of people that play !

Current rank in 86,325 tippers: