Gosford RACE 2 – Redeye Constructions Maiden Plate 1000m

Sooboog – after being loaded became fractious and kicked out on a number of occasions. Sooboog underwent a veterinary examination and was declared fit to start. Rider B Shinn explained that the colt, after beginning awkwardly, never travelled at any stage and failed to run on. A post race veterinary examination
revealed the colt to be lame in the off hind leg, to have a laceration to the off hind stifle and to have blood present in the nearside nostril with no signs of external trauma. Stewards conducted an inquiry into the prerace inspection of Sooboog behind the barriers and evidence was taken from rider B Shinn, starter S Scollard, stipendiary steward R Livingstone, veterinarian Dr R Crisman and co-trainer M Hawkes. As a result of the inquiry, Stewards will make a report to Racing New South Wales. Mr Hawkes was advised that Sooboog must gallop 1,000 metres in the presence of a steward and that a veterinary certificate of fitness must be produce prior to the colt racing again. Stewards will follow up on the post race condition of Sooboog.