Looking the form I think going is virtually a useless stat as all synthetic tracks are shown as 'Good' in most forms and Synthetic or all weather in others. There are many types of Synthetic tracks and not all horses go on all of them. The ratings are set to change shortly but still have not addressed this problem.
Tracks can be shown as Dirt or Sand well that's fine but was it wet or dry ? An all weather track you say ok Tapeta, Proride, Strathayr or something different ???
I think track ratings should consist of T=Turf, DI=Dirt, SD= Sand OR SY=Synthetic.
Turf Tracks can then have the traditional track rating after them eg. T-G3 would be a turf track on a Good 3, T-H8 would be turf track heavy 8.
Dirt and Sand have different properties when wey and dry so their ratings could be DI-D for dirt on dry and DI-W dirt track on the wet, Sand being SD-D & SD-W for dry and wet.
As we know there are plenty of Synthetic surfaces so we could go with SY for synthetic or AW indicating All Weather followed by the type of surfaces as some horses like one surface but may not perform on another. Some examples could be SY-PR = Proride, SY-T = Tapeta and SY-SA would be Strathayr.
Surely this would not be too much to ask from our form providers as a dislike or liking for synthetic surfaces appear most important in todays racing especially with more tracks going in in the future.