Thank You for everything . Your Friendship means Everything to Myself and Nik . You will Always be with Myself and Nikki, Thank You so Much being there for us especially during the Cyclone (We are Finally getting Our New sheds and repairs done to the House and our other Stables. Words Can't describe how we feel from being on Racing Fans and for the Friendship we have formed with everyone. The Last Couple of weeks have given Us a Different outlook on Life with What has happened to Us as a Family and what we have Lost. And to Top it off I was Attacked at work Last Monday by A Fellow Employee and it has taken a Different Prospective if it is all worth it. Nik has Said Maybe We should enjoy for life gives us and Maybe she is Right Don't Take Life for Granted and Enjoy it while we Can. Nikki and Myself have been through more than you could Imagine with Our own problems close to us , Thank God we have got each other and be there for each other and our Good Friends

Thank you so Much for your Friendship. God Bless you ALL We Will Never Forget You Guys. You are Welcome At Our Place Forever