On behalf of Myself and Nikki we are very overwhelmed at the support and the Kind Gestures of you all. We never expected this from you guys . We thank you from the bottom of our hearts what you guys have done. We have had a very big couple of weeks . We are still Cleaning up. We will probably be doing this for another few months but we will get there. We got our Power Back on Last Night. There are still some people without Power due to extensive damage from Cyclone Marcia the Bitch. We Lost 2 sheds, Chook Pen but the Chooks lived LOL. 3 Horse Paddocks. Extensive Damage to back of the house resulted in hole in the wall. House Lifted and inundated with water . Had No Water for 5 days but once we got a generator to run the pumps we could shower LOL. Nikki couldnt wait that long she hopped under the tap on one of the tanks. LOL. So Glad we are Back. We have Missed you guys. Thank you once again from the Bottom of our hearts. We want to have a beer , rum or a wine with each and everyone of you at some stage. A big Thank you to Santa for organizing the Quaddies. A Big Thank you to Our Ole Mate Billy for keeping me entertained over the last couple of weeks without power you are a Legend . A Big Thank you to Cheffy also. Thanks Mr Swede for looking after the Best of the Rest Comp in my absence .

Giddy Up. From My Gorgeous Wife she send her love to you all.

But Marcia you b**** We are Still Here