Hey everyone - interested to hear how you all feel and what you do when you accidentally select the wrong runner when betting, or accidentally put an extra 0 in your bet!

For me, I must be OCD because I'll always back a runner I accidentally select (very poor results - but I'd be filthy if it gets up haha).

As for the extra 0, I'll happily remove that. Although this happened to me on Sunday arvo when I was busy flicking between the footy and the racing. I selected 3 horses at Kalgoolie and boxed them in a quinella. Was convinced I accepted a $50 bet (dividend x 16.6), but my account $$ dropped noticeably and when I checked, I had accidentally confirmed a $500 bet (dividend x 166). The race was set to jump and I didn't know how to feel - 500 is a pretty big bet for me!

Anyway, one of my selections, the $2.70 favourite, missed the kick by 3 lengths and I nearly cried. To by disbelief, however, my other two selections powered on to land a comfortable quinella, with the winner paying $13! The dividend paid $24.30 so I got that 166 times! Couldn't believe it, certainly was super lucky and I'm going to be a lot more careful when placing bets now as I rode a massive wave of emotions during that 3 or 4 minute time period!

Any other stories like these anyone wants to share?