There has been a lot of talk about the Caufield track on Saturday, and how the track favored horses drawn wide, and disadvantaged horse drawn the fence. So I thought I put in my two cents regarding the track Fence off bias talk.

First Lets go through each race on the Caulfield card, and establish where the winner and placegetters in the finish came from in running.

Race 1 1400m Winner SEA SPRAY settled midfield before taking a split 200m out and hugging the fence to go on and score, 2nd horse AZKADELLIA rocketing home, was a lot closer to the fence then the outside of the track. leaders and 2nd 3rd in running early, were outsiders who finished 3rd and 4th.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 2 1400m Winner STRATUM STAR settled worse than midfield in a Solidly run race, leaders hardy got a breather and kept running along at a even tempo which suited horses running on. STRATUM STAR run on down the outside before shifting closer to the fence the last 200m and going past the winning post stuck to the rail. Leaders folded and were entitled to due to tempo.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 3 2000m Winner SET SQUARE settled midfield, the tempo was solid early before they eased up a bit giving leaders a breather, SET SQUARE took a split between horses in the early straight before taking over and winning along the fence. 2nd and 3rd horses were a lot closer the the fence than the outside part of the track. The leader and a outsider in the race folded in the straight as was expected by most punters.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 4 Winner FONTEIN RUBY settled 2nd in the run after working hard, the race was run at a good clip suiting horses settling back, yet FONTEIN RUBY who worked overtime early and was 2nd in a fast run race won just a few horses of the fence, she simply must be a champion to do all that work up front and still win, surprisingly she didn't get swamped from all the horses settling back who were so advantaged out wide.

Leader Folded and was entitled to going that pace, and might not have been suited leading, given he never led in his career previously; and raced very erratically in the Caulfield Guineas hanging which might have been a hint that the horse has had enough for the prep so forget.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 5 Winner LUCKY HUSSLER settled worse than midfield and they ran along here which suited horses running on, and that's how the race finished up with the winner and placegetters coming from the back running on.

So are we going to say the fence was of here, or simply use some logic given the race was run to suit horses drawn wide running on around the leaders slowing down after a good tempo was set? and the leader LIMES $31 and 2nd horse FLAMBERGE $21 started rank outsiders and done as what as expected by punters before the race jumped, let alone the the speed they went along in front.

It was also FLAMBERGE'S first try at 1400m and he did look a suspect at the trip.

Fence off? unlikely.

Race 6 Winner SWEET IDEA favorite and class horse in the race led in a slowly run race and was stuck to the rail only until she moved off the last 100m but was well clear anyway and won accordingly. Not much more to add to this race.

Fence off? unlikely

Race 7 Winner CONTRIBUTER settled midfield in a slowly run race, and won 3 off the fence, given he had two horses inside him in the straight, but 3 off is not out wide, so I would call this closer to the fence once again, 2nd horse NOBLE PROTECTOR was 2 off the fence but like the winner had one horse inside him until late in the straight where he was right up against the rail.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 8 Dead Heat MIRACLES OF LIFE & BEL SPRINTER settling 3rd and midfield in run, tempo average and both winners raced a horse or two of the fence and not wide, once again the fence held up.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 9 Winner ADMIRE RAKTI settled back in a Solid run race.

Yet on a slow bias playing off fence track according to some, the 2nd horse RISING ROMANCE was able to hug the rail from the 600m mark and only get nailed on the line, looks like we have unearthed another champion for the day who defied the track bias (fence off) so that's two champion FONTEIN RUBY & RISING ROMANCE who was beaten last start in a 6 horse race as a hot favorite who should be nommed for the Japan Cup going off their performances on Caufield Cup day.

So after 8 races where the track at Caulfield usually plays in favor to horses running on in teh last couple of race, the Caulfield cup winner could have been a horse hugging the fence had it not been for her getting nailed on the line.

There was No Bias on The Fence

Race 10 Winner THE MESSINA NYMPH settled 2nd in a average tempo, so no guide here, and drew clear late to win easily staying in the middle of the track and why would she duck to the inside after 9 races have already been run.

The 2nd horse CRADLE ME hugged the Rail.

A lot of punters throwing the toys out of the cot because their selection and best bet ANATINA got beaten here, because they didn't know the track according to them was going to play so slow on the fence, my question to these punters is why back her if you think this is the case? and if you already did back her earlier in the day, why not lay her back on Betfair and return your funds. believing this info you do? but but but, but nothing. Use the track bias to your advantage instead of taking your bat and ball and going home when your best bet of the day runs unplaced. Had ANATINA won you would not have hear a word from them.

There was No Bias on The Fence

So there we have it, was the fence off? In my opinion clearly not! But you can make up your own mind.

Now regarding the talk about the STRAIGHT PART ONLY of the track been watered and the track racing 30 LENGTHS slower than the previous week.

Well all i can say to that is, I didn't know horses could lose 30L in 367 meters which is the distance of the Caulfield straight. Amazing.

However do i think the track was a Good3? No!