Like everyone I'm always looking for easier and more profitable ways to make money on the punt. I was always trying to develop systems and betting methods based around big prices and value runners although I did have a few great years on the trot I soon found my self having a huge run of outs and broke the bank. That led me to try and develop a system that had a nice quantity of winners but also maintain a decent average price div. I farkedd around with over 25 complex system with out much success longterm(6 months) so I decided to scale things back too common sense stats and easy to access form. That's how I came up with this system I call the "Holy Grail". Its currently showing 32% s/r winner 24-26% profit on turnover. The average winning div varies from each tote but its always over $4. Place S/r is 56% with 8% profit on turnover. Over 14 months
I'm going to post all selections here for awhile but I'm keen to see if its possible to sell this system. Price is very much negotiable. See what happens.

Perfect for the time deprived punter.

I did have a 3 month sample on another site. My user name wass" GlobalTipz" the stats were pretty much the same for that period. I was removed from the site and stats are gone.