Hey guys,
Just thought I would start a thread, to try and help one another with expected track conditions , when doing the early form for races across the country . I am in Brisbane, and can tell you RISA currently lists the Doomben track condition as overcast, and a dead 4 . I know they can only go by the information provided, but the sun is shining here, and we haven't had any rain recently.
I am more inclined to think the track will be good, as we have had plenty of sun, and quite windy conditions . If the sun stays out today and tomorrow, as expected, and no showers come it will certainly favour those horses that like a firm track.
I am hoping others, from different states, can provide similar info, so we can accurately assess the runners that like certain conditions etc, because RISA are not always up to date, or correct.
For example, Morphettville for Saturday, is listed as fine and a dead 4 on RISA, but looking at the weather channel, it is supposed to rain there today, which will affect the track. If someone from Racing Fans lives in Adelaide, near the track, then they could give us an idea if the track will better suited to horses that like soft ground or firmer ground.