A lot of Racing fans are now embracing UK Thoroughbred Racing.
Sky Channel now regularly beams in pictures (we must allow on average a 7 second delay) on a nightly basis.

Like all Countries the terminology may differ and I thought I might pass on some of the more common expressions one may hear while watching the broadcast:

A non professional rider, identified on the race card as Mr, Mrs, Ms, Captain etc

We know what one is here in the Southern Hemisphere but in the UK on track it actually refers to a runner not listed in the betting market ‘he is at the Bar price’ (longer odds).

A male horse with jewels still in the bag but up to 4 years old, not 3 as is the case here.

Fairer sex but up to the age of 4

A 2 year old on the Flat or a 3 year old over jumps

Female 5 years and older

A horse in the early stages of it’s career. The term may also be applied to riders.

Slang for a 25 Pound bet.

Your strongest selection for the day. Reputed to stem from ‘Napoleon’

Made All
Led all the way

I will add more as they come to mind.