I've set aside a Bank of 100 wabbit skins for this challenge.
1 x skin is $5.00

Goal, although it will not be overriding, is 500 skins (I may cease or continue on).

All selections are from my suite of UK/Ireland plans based on my own Ratings and a few other factors.

Essentially, each plan has a win strike rate of >=28%, a minimum of 50 selections since 1/1/2011 and a POT of at least 17%.

There are currently 247 plans (yes) in this group. They are of course mostly highly selective.

I will be providing suggested staking for each selection based on the strength of the plan that they belong to.

I will also be suggesting when possible, one DoB to cover the day's total outlay.

DoBs will also be calculated into our running total.

Follow with confidence and grab a few extra wabbit skins for xmas lads and ladettes