Hi Guys n Gals
A BIG thank you to all that have PM'ed and or emailed me lately. Much appreciated.

I decided to take a break from forums for a while to re-charge the tolerance levels.

I am currently re-building my UK/Ireland Database into Access 2013 from Excel and am hoping to have that complete by the new year. It is a massive task believe me.

I still have time to make up lost ground in Gart's magnificent comp and will do so next year

In the mean time I'll leave you lads to try and beat that Jessica Wabbit in the daily's, although I suspect she is just too plain good for youse blokes

Remember the Wabbit Hunter's motto:
'If you take anything I say seriously (including my tips) please seek medical advice'

ps MOP you still owe my account a 30 and a 20 from your Sat'dy comps (where's that wink wink icon ffs.....not that I will spend it but I could offer it up as a prize for something next year...maybe

Cheers n Beers Wabbits