As of next wednesday i will run a quinella comp,with a handicap! i dont drink anymore and i have a 1lt bottle of JACK DANIELS still in the box in the cupboard that has been there for years looking for a new i will mail the bottle to the winner.

1- i will pick one meeting(we choose from every race) on wednesday and the winner of that day can pick the next meeting and so on.
2- everyone gets 3 horses in each race and the quinella price for the winners will count as points, $11 quinella equals 11 points etc
3- the top 3 point scorers for that week only get 2 picks the next week.and then back to 3 picks the week after if not in the top 3 again.
4- this will be the first to 150 points,in the case there are more than 1 winner over 150 points the person with the highest score overall wins.
5- i have a account so i will score off nsw tote.

all are welcome,the more the merrier.if you have any questions send me a pm msg. GOOD LUCK FOLKS