Hi guys/gals,thought we would do something different.this was suggested by a fellow member and i love the idea.we have to pick 3 horses NOT to place.i have been assured its harder than what it sounds.
1- must pick 3 horses NOT TO PLACE in a race
2-we will pick one meeting and use every race at that meeting.i will start with picking the meeting and the winner of each week can choose after that
3-all 3 horses have to NOT PLACE to score 10 points
4-if you pick all 3 horses that dont run a place and one of them starts with a "U" it is worth double points
5-this will run for 10 weeks and the highest point scorer wins

we will have this comp and a few more and then we will have a SUPERBOWL. i have a record of the top 2 winners in my comps(so far chef,badman,jenlove and nate are in) and they will be elegible for the SUPERBOWL. the superbowl with have a trophy for the winner so do your best to finish top 2. good luck