Love to hear your thoughts on how I can make this even stronger. Finest Byron

The Royal Enclosure guide to racing was invented by me to make it simple for everyone around the world completely baffled by the English Royal Heritage sport of Horse racing (Including most of us Brits) to instantly become completely and utterly captivated by the sport.

I promise you will never hear me talking in fractions or any other form of algebra that seems to be associated with horse racing, although I may leap into exotic references to Chinese culture from now and them.


At the start of the racing season (runs from 21st March - 21st October 2017) I will reveal to you a final line up of the 32 most magnificent teams (often referred to as stables) competing in the sport. In football this would be called a league table, but that makes me yawn so I am just going to call them 32 magnificent teams.


These illustrious teams are normally named after their owners and include names such as Khalid (owned by Prince Khalid), Queen (owned by Her Majesty the Queen of England), Bamford (owned by Lady Bamford), Qatar (owned by Prince of Qatar), Lloyd-Webber (owned by the musical composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber) and Tabor (owned by British finance merchant Michael Tabor). I will let you discover the rest.


So go on choose your team. You can start by looking at the Royal Enclosure scarf colours and see which one you like. The scarves are designed in the racing colours worn by the 32 teams when competing in the races so it makes it easy for you to spot your team. Did you side with a Prince or a Lady? Nevermind, just don't be afraid to choose a bit of colour. It brings out the youth in you.


Now, during the season these teams are clashing every day on the 60 racecourses across Great Britain, but you and I only care about the biggest and most spectacular clash everyday which normally features 4 of 5 of our 32 Royal Enclosure teams, and rises up to 10 teams for the more sought after trophies like the Royal Ascot Gold Cup or the Champions Day trophy - the concluding race of the season.


Our daily race is quick. It normally takes around 3-4 minutes and takes place at 2-3pm, which means you may have to nip out for a sneaky latte to watch the race if you are living in England. If you are in Mainland China it's 10pm -11pm so if you are in a nightclub or at the tail end of dinner whip out your phone, turn up the sound (although you actually don't need to hear anything to watch the race as you just watch the team colours) and get everyone in on the action. I have done it a couple of times. Well worth it.


As our story unfolds you will notice that in some of our daily races all of the Royal Enclosure teams get defeated by some team that we have never heard of and probably will never hear of again. An office clerk like me has built a team with a group of fine friends and defeats teams owned by by the richest people in world. Not possible! Yes it happens a lot and that adds a lot of balance and charm of the sport. Think along the lines of "The Sword and the Stone".

In fact there are over 2000 teams competing in British racing every year, which is perhaps up until we met it was almost impossible to follow the sport. Anyway back to our illustrious 32.


When a Royal Enclosure team wins the daily race their ranking improves so you can easily stay up to date with how our story is unfolding during the season.


Yes, sadly we will come to the end of our story of clashes between Princes, Ladies and Business Magnates on 21st October 2017 when the talent of the highest ranking team is truly recognised and the names of the team immortalised. We then close the stables for Christmas and Chinese New Year and wake up again for RE18 in the spring.

Meanwhile come and see us in Cambridge, the city at the heart of British racing region to understand why our forefathers encouraged the French to grow wine so they would not have enough spare land to cultivate the world's most sought after luxury possession - the racehorse.