I noticed that JMac has made about $350k from riding fee's & prize money percentages just on the star stable meets (easily less than a 2 months period plus if you add his riding fee's & earnings on the other days of the week, it's a massive piece of cake lol).

Obviously his manager gets a share, I'm guessing around 15% plus other expenses ...does anyone actually know what a leading jockeys managers cut would be guys? The top jockeys obviously do very well after putting their body's through hell & lives on the line every race... they deserve every penny, got to brave slapping 500kgs of muscle into full stride, surrounded by a pack doing the same thing.... cause we all know when it goes bad it goes really bad... think I'd rather do 300 plus clicks in a F1 car with a helmet & harness on in a c**kpit lol ...sounds sh@t loads safer.

As for the trainers Chris Waller has pulled in about $550k from just the Star Stable meets... worth every drop to in my opinion.

btw I also recognise their are many people in the industry that do it tough : (